Democratic Senators Vow To Not Sink To GOP’s Level, Say They Will Not Obstruct

Today we see that both parties really “aren’t the same.” While Republicans have taken part in unparalleled obstruction against the Democratic majority in a pathetic attempt to falter President Obama’s agenda, Democrats in the Senate say they want absolutely no part of that when the GOP takes control of the Senate in 2015.

In an interview published yesterday, Democratic Senator Joe Manchin of  West Virginia clarified that he will in no way support any Democrats who partake in obstruction like the GOP have over the last six years. Manchin said when asked if the Democrats would block Republican efforts:

“That’s bullshit…. I’m not going to put up with that.”

Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill took the same tone, saying:

“Our caucus needs to take a hard look at the way we do things and make sure we are putting the policy issues first before politics. The habit we got into in doing nothing, no one was happy with that. I hope that we never go back to that.”

“One of things that was really harmful about [the lack of amendments], it didn’t allow moderates to separate themselves in terms of policy issues,”  McCaskill continued after she refused to be committed to backing Harry Reid as minority leader. “It makes it very difficult for people from purple and blue states to separate themselves.”

After the Democratic party lost control of the Senate, many Democrats claimed that they will now focus on a new course of bipartisanship, and giving McConnell and other Republicans a chance to reach across the aisle to get work done. Democrats said that begins with opening up a discourse that has chipped away at the prestige of the highest legislative body in the country.

First term Democrat Joe Donnelly said that reaching across the aisle and working with the opposing side is a must, saying:

“When I was in the House, we took tough votes every day. I don’t think that people punish you because you take a controversial vote. I think that’s our job.”

Senators Manchin, Heitkamp, Donnelly and McCaskill want to work with the GOP to pass the Keystone Pipeline and Donnelly wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act’s medical device tax and restore the full-time workweek of 40 hours under the law.

Independent Senator Angus King said:

“If the Republicans have an affirmative agenda, things they want to do, they are going to need Democratic or independent votes. I remember telling people back in Maine, everybody down here thinks they’re in charge. The reality is that anything that gets done has to have bipartisan support.”

King will push three bipartisan bills when Congress opens its new session which includes overhauls of many regulations, student loans, and parental and medical leave.

So…after losing the midterm elections because we couldn’t mobilize behind our President and his policies, the Democrats of the Senate want to just hand over all power to the very people who obstructed their party’s leader? It’s disappointing to see what money can buy. First they’ll go along with McConnell’s plans to approve the Keystone Pipeline and destroy the EPA, then they’ll help repeal itty bitty pieces of the ACA, opening the flood gates for the GOP to say “repealing Obamacare is bipartisan!”

The Democrats have been putting policy before politics for the last six years but the GOP certainly hasn’t. This absolutely frustrates me as a Democrat. After we lose an election, we just give up and say ‘oh well.’

Democrats: stop trying to be the party of sweet, loving grandparents. That continues to get you nowhere! Start taking the incentive! Stand up for your beliefs and fight for the right agenda for America. Chances are if you do that, you’ll win in 2016.