Watch A Rutgers Professor Systematically Destroy The Fox News Talking Points On The Minimum Wage

Given the dubious facts and opinions Fox News hosts like to deal in, it’s not surprising that they tend to stay away from inviting guests on their shows that actually know what they are talking about. Still, the producers are only human and they make mistakes. One of those mistakes: inviting a Rutgers economics professor to talk about the minimum wage to clueless Fox pundits.

Yesterday, they accidentally invited a Rutgers University professor named Carla Katz, who studies labor and economics, to discuss the minimum wage. Obviously, Fox was against any and all forms of wage hikes and tried to suggest that any minimum wage hike would hurt the economy and ultimately make no difference. Then they turned to Prof. Katz for her take and she put on a clinic in dismantling Republican talking points.

Let’s watch via Media Matters:

After host Neil Cavuto argues that raising the minimum wage should go up only if it meant taxpayers don’t end up paying for any of it (huh?), Katz points out that by paying people poverty wages, the American people are already subsidizing those workers, but with welfare rather than bigger paychecks.

“If you don’t raise the wage, people are going to be on public assistance. You’re paying for public assistance and if you’re on public assistance than you’re paying for that as well.”

And later, when Cavuto and his sidekick start spouting more nonsense about how horrible the minimum wage increase would be for the economy, Katz again had to put to bed the myth that Fox has gotten far too comfortable citing without any evidence:

“Raising the minimum wage does make the economy stronger, because people that are earning low wages put that money right back into the economy.”

Hilariously, Cavuto’s sidekick slams that idea as “circular logic,” because “you give money to them so they give it back to the boss [in the form of spending at businesses]; that’s just going in a circle.” Which it kind of is because, newsflash, that’s how an economy works! You “give” money to people in exchange for labor and in return they “give it back” in the form of purchases. The beneficial part of giving it to employees first rather than just letting the boss keep it is that when the employees “give” it back, they also get things in return — like goods and services. It’s how a healthy economy works.

At many points the segment devolves into the shoutfest that is typical for a Fox News program, but it is to Katz’s credit that when they do give her a chance to speak, she demolishes their paltry attempts at undermining the minimum wage effort. It’s nice to see that somebody is doing it.