St. Louis Police Want This Protester-Friendly ‘$h!t Coffee Shop’ To ‘Burn To The Ground’

Tensions are mounting in St. Louis, MO as a grand jury decides whether to try Darren Wilson for the murder of Michael Brown, and residents feel a fresh wave of outrage over the murder of yet another young black man by a police officer.

KTVI reports 18-year-old Vonderitt Myers was shot eight times by the still un-named police officer — six times in the back — on October 8th. Protesters then clashed with police for two days in a row in the southern part of the city.

The corner of Grand Avenue and Arsenal was the center for the latest round of protests Thursday night. The unrest began around 12:15 a.m. at the intersection near Tower Grove Park. The confrontations between police and protesters included a knife thrown at police, American flags burned, and police using pepper spray.

MSNBC points out that — unlike Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown — Myers does not quite come off as a sympathetic figure. Social media photos obtained by GotNews show him posing with guns, making gang signs, and generally looking like the “thug” St. Louis police want him to be. Furthermore, St. Louis Police claim Myers shot the off-duty police officer first, before the cop blasted him eight times in panicked self-defense. Furthermore, Myers had gotten in trouble with the law before:

Lab results found Myers had gun powder residue on his right hand at the time of his death. He was also facing trial on earlier gun charges and was wearing an ankle bracelet as a condition of his bond in that case.

Unfortunately, an awful lot of folks don’t care about technicalities: The black community is sick and tired of their boys getting harassed, brutalized, and murdered. Furthermore — thanks to the St. Louis Police Department’s ongoing record of lies, cover-ups, and manipulating media coverage — nobody believes anything they say anymore.

Since the grand jury’s decision is expected to spark another burst of protests, MoKaBe’s coffee shop posted announcements on Facebook and Twitter to let protesters know they’ll stay open 24 hours to offer a ‘safe haven.’

MoKaBe's Announcement: MoKaBe's will be serving as a "safe space" for activists and protestors beginning as soon as the grand jury announcement is made. Our doors will be open 24 hours for folks to warm up, rest, grab a drink or snack, charge phones, use restrooms, etc. Please note that we do not have official sanctuary status as many churches do (such as St. John's down the street), but anyone down with the cause is welcome to drop in if need be. Let's make our city and our world a better place!

Photo: Screen grab/Facebook.

Instead of reaching out to the community in the days leading up to the grand jury’s decision, and quelling public outrage, St. Louis police and their supporters are fanning the flames. “Bucket Joe” from the pro-St. Louis police message board St. Louis Cop Talk responded with the following scary post, encouraging people to harass the folks at MoKaBe’s.

A Business That Supports Cop Killers Posted by Bucket Joe on 11/11/2014, 11:19 am  The unrest that was brought to the City of St. Louis was a result of Vonerrit Myers' unsuccessful attempt to kill a police officer. The Myers family and the protesters continue to deny that Vonderrit Myers, who was on house arrest for a weapon charge, died as a result of his decision to shoot at a St. Louis City police officer. The continued public protest in the City of St. Louis by activists calling for peace and justice, signify by their actions that they support cop killers!   Having said that, MoKaBe's Coffeehouse, located at 3606 Arsenal, (314) 865-2009, announced via Facebook on Monday, November 11, 2014, that they too, support "cop killing," and will act as a "safe place" for protesters after the Grand Jury makes their announcement.   Please share this information with as many people you know via conversation, social media, email, etc. The community to needs to know the names of businesses who support cop killers!

Image: Screen grab: St. Louis Cop Talk.

It only gets worse — and scarier — from here, with supporters of St. Louis’ finest gloating about how they hope the coffee shop will catch on fire and get no response when they call 911. Nice. Apparently, they don’t think our tax dollars should pay law enforcement and emergency responders to protect those of us who do not support police brutality.

Can't wait until the shit hits the fan in this place, during the protests, or when all of these ingrates destroy their property, stop up their toilets, loot, etc. Home they burn this place down, and that our fire department can't get there in time to help, because I wouldn't want any of those guys hurt trying to put a fire out at a place like this.

Image: Screen grab/Twitter.

A supporter of police brutality in St. Louis gleefully comments:

Hope they burn that $h!t coffee shop to the ground! Then I'm gonna laugh when you call 911 and they don't show up.

Image: Screengrab/Facebook.

Yet, the folks at MoKaBe’s assure their Facebook followers that they’re not scared and they still plan on keeping their doors open when that grand jury decision is announced. Apparently, nobody on either side expects justice for Michael Brown.

MoKaBe's Coffeehouse We've already had one threatening phone call. Believe me when I say we are not scared. We're STILL far less likely to be harassed, abused, or killed by police than our friends of color.

Image: Screen grab/Facebook.

Featured photo of Vonderitt Myers from surveillance camera footage (shown with his mother in a sandwich shop shortly before getting shot) via Hot 104.1 St. Louis.