The REAL Reason The GOP Keeps Winning: Lies, Fraud, Vote-Rigging, And Treason (VIDEO)

As the Democrats’ stunning midterm losses prompt much soul-searching and finger-pointing, we ignore the real reasons the GOP keeps winning: Lies, fraud, vote-rigging, and treason.

How else do we explain why the majority of Americans support policies promoted by the Democratic party, but keep electing Republicans to our federal, state, and local governments?

Sure, Democrats need to step up their game: Barack Obama’s victories in 2008 and 2012 prove we can win if we can get out the vote (and get folks their voter IDs!). But in order to win in 2016, we need to know what we’re up against:

LIES: The modern GOP’s true agenda is so destructive, cruel, and repellent, their politicians are forced to either cloak their true beliefs in a gauzy haze of old-timey “family values,” evoke and exploit subliminal fears of “those people,” or flat-out LIE. For example, GOP rising star and Senator-Elect Joni Ernst (R-IA) lied about supporting an anti-choice “personhood” amendment during a debate, while Senate Majority-Leader-To-Be Mitch McConnell (R-KY) denied wanting to privatize Social Security.

FRAUD: Despite all those GOP lawmakers’ squawking about voter fraud, a shocking report by Bill Bennett from Addicting Info reveals that Republicans are responsible for the majority of voter fraud incidents! For starters, supporters of TX Gov. Rick Perry and that doughy, thrice-divorced, “family values” hypocrite, Newt Gingrich, alone turned in a combined 14,000 false petition signatures on their behalf. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. And who can forget Florida’s purveyors of “hanging chad” back in 2000, who screwed America by sticking us with the absolute WORST president in U.S. history.

VOTE RIGGING:  Back in 2013, Rachel Maddow walked us through the GOP’s sneaky REdistricting MAjority Project (REDMAP) plan for  overriding our nation’s Democratic majority by gerrymandering safe seats for themselves at the local, state, and federal levels. Then, right-wing Supreme Court judges gutted the Voting Rights Act, so GOP lawmakers could pass bogus Voter ID laws to block low-income folks (mostly of color) from voting! Oh, and now Republicans are working on “reforming” the Electoral College so they can steal the White House in 2016.

TREASON: Oh, and let’s not forget about all the flat-out treason Republicans have committed. Radio host Thom Hartmann reminds us that not a single Republican since Dwight Eisenhower has won the White House through legitimate means! Seriously. In 1968, Richard Nixon narrowly edged out Democratic presidential candidate Hubert Humphrey by thwarting then-President Lyndon B. Johnson’s attempts to end the Vietnam War. Nixon actually sent envoys to South Vietnam and persuaded them to cancel an upcoming round of peace talks. Then VP Gerald Ford stepped in when Nixon resigned in disgrace. In 1980, Ronald Reagan engaged in similar treachery to unseat Jimmy Carter, by engineering the “October Surprise”  — an arms for hostages deal that scuttled Carter’s ongoing negotiations with Iran for the American hostages’ release. Then George Bush Senior rode in on Reagan’s coat tails. And then, of course, there’s the “hanging chad” year in which the notoriously corrupt State of Florida — with help from the bought-and-paid-for, hard-right ideologues on the U.S. Supreme Court — handed our country over to George W. Bush.

Here’s the video in which Rachel Maddow explains how the GOP would have lost EVERYTHING — including the House — in 2012 if it weren’t for their devious REDMAP program.

Here’s the video with Thom Hartmann explaining how Republicans haven’t been able to win the Presidency without lies, fraud, vote-rigging, and treason since Dwight D. Eisenhower left office in 1961:

Sure, we can blame a weak field of Democratic candidates and incumbents running sad “Republican Lite” campaigns which downplayed our greatest accomplishments, including Obamacare.  Or we can chalk the Republicant’s hollow victory to the abysmally low voter turnout. Yahoo! News reports a scant 36.3 percent of registered voters cast ballots — the worst turnout in 72 years!

But how does that explain why these stalwart midterm voters — whom the media claims skew conservative — voted along Democratic Party lines on ballot measures, but elected Republican candidates who oppose the goals supported by their voters?!

Bill Haschke writes in the Statesman that those who turned up at polling places across the nation voted overwhelmingly in favor of Democratic goals, including: raising the minimum wage, paid sick leave, reclassifying non-violent crimes from felonies to misdemeanors, background checks for gun owners, reversing GOP pension “reforms,” legalizing pot, and protecting women’s right to choose.

Furthermore, Haschke quotes from surveys that reveal the majority of voters “are directly opposed” to core elements of the GOP platform, like repealing Obamacaren and dismantling Social Security, Medicare, and other social safety net programs.

The 2012 KPC Poll Haschke cites declares:

“Over two thirds of Americans agree that the government has a role in providing a safety net for their personal financial security, including Social Security, Medicare, and protection from fraud.”

Campaign for America’s Future lists additional polls that show overwhelming support for Democratic policies, including: raising taxes on the wealthy; allowing workers to unionize, requiring corporations to pay their fair share in taxes; repealing the George W. Bush tax cuts; getting rid of tax credits for the “dirty energy” oil, gas, and coal industries; cutting back on military spending; using federal funds to hire teachers and emergency responders; improving the economy; and creating jobs by spending on infrastructure repairs and improvements (roads, bridges, airports, etc.)

Featured photo: Composite via Fahrenheit 9/11 screen grab via the Humbolt Sentinel (George W. Bush), and Public Domain 2007 by Jonas Jordan, US Army Corps of Engineers via Wikipedia (burning oilfield).