Right-Wing Nut Alex Jones Loses It Over Net Neutrality Like His Pal Ted Cruz (VIDEO)

Right-wing loon Alex Jones added his own brand of insanity to the conservative war against net neutrality this week in a rant that demonstrates his complete ignorance of the issue. Oh, and he LOVES Ted Cruz.

Since President Obama asked the FCC to support net neutrality by declaring the internet a utility, conservatives have flipped out and are comparing the effort to ObamaCare.

That’s what Ted Cruz has come out and said,” Jones harped. “I like Ted Cruz, he knows what he’s talking about.”

Jones claimed that net neutrality is a tyranny that will lead to the censorship of right-wing sites like his own InfoWars. He also claimed that net neutrality is something that the Soviet Union or the Nazis would have supported.

This has been the plan for a decade – free-quote-Wi-Fi that’s paid for by taxpayers, but you have no rights on that Wi-Fi, and you can’t get to InfoWars.com or DrudgeReport.com, that the White House officials have said they want to shut down, basically. So this is it, they’re coming.

Of course, net neutrality would ensure that websites like Jones’ InfoWars will still be open and accessible on the Internet. On the other hand, if Jones had his way, the Internet would become a pay-to-play operation that would give corporations and the wealthy the power to control what people see. Smaller sites would be unable to compete with bigger ones. But this is only a small part of  how net neutrality works.

Just to make sure I correctly explained what net neutrality means, I consulted my colleague, Nathaniel Downes, who has a better grasp of the issue. Here is how he explained it me:

It puts the control over people’s Internet experience in their own hands, rather than the hands of their ISP (Internet Service Provider). Their ISP can’t engage in pay for play, or block competing sites, or use extortion tactics on companies who use the Internet for their marketing, sales or branding. The ISP also cannot give preferential treatment to your own surfing, by requiring all of your Internet devices to be running Windows 8, for instance.

For a more detailed explanation of net neutrality, click here.

But that wasn’t the end of the crazy. Jones later went on a rant about how net neutrality will make us all slaves to the government.

The FCC is going to come in and protect the Internet, ha. You like living like that? OK, because you’re about to – a nation of sheep, ruled by wolves, and you beg on your knees to be slaves – all these fat, weak cowards sitting up there on television and tell you they’re lying to your family and tell you they’re going to break your bank and bring you under their filthy control and put you in their government housing pens to run your life and bring you down and imprison your children – and you submit to it with pleasure. This is just a high-tech version of what the Soviets and the Nazis and the Chinese communists and Fidel Castro and every other nutball did.

Here’s the video via YouTube:

Jones, like other conservatives, have no idea what net neutrality means, but because President Obama supports it they have all jumped to the conclusion that it’s bad for America. In reality, net neutrality would keep the Internet open and competitive for everyone. You know, like a free market. Aren’t conservatives supposed to support free markets? You know who didn’t support free markets? Hitler, Stalin, and all the other dictators Jones and his conservative ilk are so fond of comparing President Obama to. Clearly, the “I’m not a scientist” crowd are also not technology savvy either. If they really knew what net neutrality is, they’d be supporting President Obama on this important issue. Because they can’t really be so anti-Obama that they’re willing to blindly oppose an effort to keep the Internet free and open to everyone, even the little right-wing sites like InfoWars, can they?