Anonymous Takes The Hoods Off KKK Members After Violent Threats (VIDEO)

Anonymous claims to have unmasked leadership members of the Klu Klux Klan after the KKK threatened violence against potential Ferguson protesters. Protests are expected to erupt pending the results of a Grand Jury decision on Darren Wilson.

In a video the group posted to YouTube they say that the KKK is not being targeted for their ideology but for messing “with their family.” Anonymous, or more specifically #OpFerguson has been acting as a digital watchdog when it comes to events following the fatal shooting of Mike Brown.

Launching #OpKKK the group has declared cyber warfare on “anything used to promote the KKK.” Anonymous claims to have launched DDoS attacks that have taken down KKK sites and will be leaking info that has been retrieved to the public. The video shows numerous people’s social media accounts implying those people are high-ranking KKK members.

Anons and supporters of #OpKK have taken to Twitter to help promote the antifa-esque operation.

Anything Anonymous should be taken with a grain of salt. They have been wrong before like when they falsely claimed they knew who shot Mike Brown before it came to light that it was Darren Wilson. Anonymous does have a history of going after hate groups though like when they attempted to purge the internet during #OpBlitzkreig. If they are accurate in their unhooding of KKK members though I think just about everyone would support their efforts. Even if it is probably the most ironic cyber war that will ever take place.