Ferguson Police Announce Plan To Reinstate Darren Wilson ‘Immediately’ If He Isn’t Indicted

The Grand Jury’s decision on whether to take the officer who shot 18-year-old Michael Brown to trial is expected to be announced any day now, but Ferguson police are already eager to get their beleaguered officer back within their ranks.

In a decision that is both incredibly odd and incredibly arrogant, the department told Yahoo News that officer Darren Wilson could go back to active duty “immediately” if he is not indicted.

He would come back to a “not yet determined assignment,” the chief writes in an email.

If the grand jury charges Wilson, Jackson said the officer would “most likely” be terminated “if it is a felony.”

That suggests that while the Grand Jury debates whether Wilson could be charged with crimes, his department has already made up their minds about his faultlessness. It’s a theme that has repeated itself again and again throughout the months after the shooting. From officers within the department leaking false information about injuries Wilson sustained to the police chief tearing up on camera when he had to (finally) release the name of his accused officer to the public, it became clear almost immediately that the Ferguson PD had every intention of sticking by their officer the whole way through.

As Yahoo points out, even though the department is giving Wilson the “welcome back” banner, it’s not clear whether Wilson will come back. He has stayed away from the public eye since the shooting and has so far been placed on paid leave while he awaits the fate of his trial.

By not coming back, Wilson may be doing his department a favor. It’s likely that even if Wilson is cleared, the resentment and hurt the community feels towards the officer will not simply go away over night. To watch Wilson walk the streets of Ferguson again might spark renewed protests and discontent with the Ferguson police. If the cornerstone to effective policing is community trust, by shooting an unarmed teenager, Wilson has torched that foundation – likely forever.