Obama Isn’t In Support Of Amnesty, You’re Thinking Of Reagan (VIDEO)

With all the talk about immigration, Republicans are missing a key fact — what President Obama is proposing isn’t amnesty. In fact, if they want an example of amnesty they can look to the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 signed into law by none other than the Republicans’ beloved President Ronald Reagan.

President Obama has made clear his intentions. Not to grant amnesty, but rather to streamline the immigration process and aid in helping undocumented workers become documented which will include going through the proper legal steps to get there. One of the executive actions the president has said he may implement would be to offer “protections and work permits to other categories of unauthorized immigrants” which would greatly reduce the number of deportations. However, it does not grant citizenship.

Plainly, it’s not amnesty.

Amnesty is what President Reagan did in 1986 which gave citizenship to nearly three million undocumented immigrants.

During the 1984 Presidential Debate Reagan even said:

“I believe in the idea of amnesty for those who have put down roots and lived here, even though sometime back they may have entered illegally.”

The 1986 law “was passed in order to control and deter illegal immigration to the United States. Its major provisions stipulate legalization of undocumented aliens who had been continuously unlawfully present since 1982, legalization of certain agricultural workers, sanctions for employers who knowingly hire undocumented workers, and increased enforcement at U.S. borders.” 

This meant that millions of undocumented citizens who met the criteria for citizenship under the 1986 law, and had entered prior to 1982, were granted citizenship — in other words, amnesty.

The law was supposed to crack down on employers hiring undocumented workers, but any language to make that a reality was taken out prior to passage.

Republicans seem to have a goldfish memory when it comes to remembering this law. Now, they want to call what President Obama wants to accomplish “amnesty” because it’s a great word to put as an angry catch phrase on a bumper sticker for those who can’t seem to do a simple Google query. Nowadays, Republicans seems to want to just deport (which Obama has actually done in record amounts) and tighten border security (which Obama has also done). Yet those on the right won’t acknowledge those facts and GOP leadership in the House won’t hold a vote for the bipartisan immigration bill that passed through the Senate last year which would accomplish all their intentions to nearly all of their stipulations. Why? Because it would look like an Obama victory, and we can’t have that, can we?

President Obama is basically giving Republicans everything they’ve wanted, better than they were ever able to do, yet they still use their word play to politicize immigration because it works to their advantage with upcoming elections and other bills that they want to leverage.

It’s too easy to call these anti-amnesty Republicans hypocrites as they praise Reagan and demonize Obama who has overwhelmingly given them what they want time and time again. They are sleazy, self-obsessed, opportunistic, exploitative, legislative bamboozlers who seem to only care about the next election instead of the greater good of the nation and those who inhabit therein.

Republicans have it within their powers to pass comprehensive immigration reform, but they don’t, and they won’t. Instead, they go after President Obama for doing what they don’t have the courage to do.


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