This Might Be Sarah Palin’s Most Incoherent Video Yet (VIDEO)

Before microphones, cameras, and Ronald Reagan, there were people like Sarah Palin, but they were typically introduced to the mental health system, where they received things like shock treatment and lobotomies.

Last week, dressed like a Catholic schoolmarm, she took to her TV show or whatever her outlet for her narcissism is these days, to make a tribute to Billy Graham on his birthday.

It’s difficult to follow most of her video, but there was something about the Bible, her mother, the materialistic (huh?) 60s, and how Billy Graham is responsible for Sarah’s and spawn’s faith.

Oh, and there was some sort of celebration of Graham’s birthday, where Palin marveled of the diversity of the crowd, which included Donald Trump, the “hockey mom” and Rupert Murdoch. Gotta give her credit there, that is Fox News’ idea of diversity.

Palin spent more time name dropping when she bragged about her friends, Franklin Graham and Greta Van Susteren.

Sarah, you’ve become magically rich since we dodged the bullet of having you as Vice President. Can’t you hire a script writer?

Here’s the video, enjoy and stay till the very awkward end: