Newly Widowed Father Sings Lullaby To His Dying Baby, Breaks Hearts Across The World (Video)

While much of the web obsesses over Kim Karashian’s latest arse shot, another, quieter viral video was reaching millions across the globe.

Chris Picco was a husband and expectant father when he went to sleep one night last month.  But when he woke up, his world had been ripped apart.  His wife Ashley, 24 weeks pregnant with their baby son, died unexpectedly in her sleep.  There was nothing that could be done to save her, so Chris had to stand by as doctors performed an emergency C-section in attempts to prevent their son dying too.

The tiny new life, delivered into the world 4 months prematurely, struggled to make it; the ventilator and a range of life-saving apparatus whirled and buzzed about him.  Chris named him Lennon James.

During previous weeks, the new father had laughed with Ashley as the growing baby kicked and wriggled inside her in response to music.  So Chris, grieving his wife, and facing the loss of their son too, did the only thing that made sense.  He would surround his son with music.

He brought his guitar into the Intensive Care Unit, sat next to the incubator, and sang for Lennon James.  He would play for hours, every day, in the hopes it would stimulate the vulnerable infant and help him survive.

In this video, Chris plays Paul McCartney’s Blackbird. McCartney wrote the song in the late 60’s in response to the US civil rights movement, and the struggle of African Americans to gain equal rights and equal access to public space and services.  The song is a gentle lament to struggle and injustice – both of which Chris has had to come to terms with in a very personal way.

It is all the more heartbreaking to discover that just a day after this film was taken, Lennon died in his father’s arms.  Our love and thoughts go out to Chris and his family, at a time of such unbearable grief and loss.