Bill Cosby Begs AP Interviewer To Edit His Answers To Rape Allegations (VIDEO)

On Wednesday night, The Associated Press decided to publish footage from a November 6th Bill Cosby interview in which Cosby asked the interviewer to take out his responses to recent rape allegations. The releasing of this video comes after supermodel Janice Dickinson claimed she had also been raped by the actor, NBC canceled Cosby’s scheduled show and Netflix decided to delay the release of a Cosby stand-up special due to the allegations.

In this video, Cosby is asked by the interviewer about the rape allegations, which have now been echoed by over a dozen different women, all telling strikingly similar stories. The interviewer referenced comedian Hannibal Buress, who stirred up controversy when he called Cosby a rapist during a live set. The interviewer asked:

“I have to ask about your name coming up in the news lately, regarding this comedian.”

Cosby replied:

“No, no, we don’t answer that.”

The interviewer was unsatisfied with the avoidance tactic by Cosby and pressed the issue further, each time met with Cosby’s refusal to answer the question. Cosby finally said:

“There is no comment about that. And I tell you why. I think you were told — and I don’t want to compromise your integrity — but I don’t talk about it.”

When the interview reached its end, Cosby – who still had a microphone on – is heard asking the interviewer several times to nix his comments about the rape accusations from the interview. Cosby said:

“I would appreciate it if it was scuttled.”

The interviewer told Cosby that he couldn’t make those promises. You can watch the awkward AP footage below:

Cosby’s decision to keep dancing around the numerous rape allegations is getting more and more awkward. Just last week, Cosby said absolutely nothing – resulting in a painfully uncomfortable silence – when asked about the rape claims in an interview with NPR. I’m glad that the Associated Press decided to release this footage, because no one should be able to dodge such serious accusations.