Yankees Manager Sleeps On NYC’s Streets For One Amazing Reason (VIDEO)

If you walked through New York City on Thursday night, you might have passed Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman. You wouldn’t have recognized him, though – Cashman was sleeping on the streets for the night, bundled in layers with just a beanie on his head as he tried to retain his body heat in 27 degree temperatures.

Of course, Cashman would resume his life with a roof over his head the next day. There are thousands of people who don’t have that luxury and sleep on the freezing concrete every single night.

Photo Credit: MLB Screengrab

Photo Credit: MLB Screengrab

Cashman was not alone – he was actually one of hundreds of executives across the United States who decided to take part in the Covenant House’s annual Sleep Out. Covenant House, a non-profit that manages homeless shelters for the United States’ youth, helped over 57,000 kids last year.

A lot of charities claim to help the homeless – and maybe they do actually contribute positively – but many focus on collecting donations from the wealthy and don’t put those funds into finding solutions at all. Covenant House, on the other hand, persuade high-profile executives and personalities like Cashman, award-winning actress Audra McDonald, CNBC’s Turney Duff and Yahoo Finance’s Jeff Macke to experience first-hand what the homeless go through.

Here’s an interview with Cashman during this year’s annual Sleep Out:

Cashman had participated in the last four Sleep Outs and he says the experience has taught him a lot. While he sat shivering in the cold, Cashman told MLB.com:

“I have no idea how any human being possibly can do it for one night, let alone weeks on end. It’s a disaster. There’s no way to simplify it. That’s why obviously for those who are less fortunate, if we can get people to raise funds here and contribute to Covenant House, they’ve got programs to put people back on the right track and be a safe harbor.”

In preparation for the Sleep Out, participants raised at least $5,000 for Covenant House. However, on Thursday Cashman reported that $1.6 million had been raised in New York and $5 million had been raised on a national level. That’s absolutely amazing. If you’re interested in getting involved and helping out, visit Covenant House’s website.