Ferguson Protester Slams Arrogant CNN Host: ‘We Have A Right To Be Mad, Our Anger’s Justified’

CNN’s Mike Smerconish tries to vilify Bassem Masri, but the live streaming Ferguson protester is having none of that.  Like most of the so-called “liberal mainstream media,” Smerconish portrays the mostly peaceful Ferguson activists as volatile, potentially violent, looting thugs, rather than as members of a community that has every right to feel angry about the callous and cruel way they are treated.

Smerconish is a staunch conservative with an undeserved reputation for being “independent” and “fair and balanced” just because he occasionally breaks from the party line or asks Republicans in Congress to compromise a little. Masri is an activist and independent journalist who has kept us informed about what’s really going on in Ferguson through his live streaming videos.

Like many Ferguson protesters, Masri has gotten harassed by the police, and has had heated exchanges with them. Vocative reports Masri police arrested Masri on Thursday, and have also accused him of taunting officers and spitting at them. In addition, last month CNN journalist Sarah Sidner accused him of harassing her while she was reporting on a story, and asked him about video footage with him calling a police officer a “pig” and telling others “I’m praying for your death.”

In his interview with Masri, Smerconish immediately went on the offensive:

“Mr. Masri, did you spit on a police officer?”

Masri snaps back that he didn’t.

“No. I didn’t. It was an expression […] Basically, it’s just the sound of me spitting. It’s not what I was actually doing.”

Smerconish goes on to accuse Masri of stirring up the pot:

“Do you think you’re helping the situation, if that’s the behavior with which you’re involved?”


In response to which, Masri lets fly a glorious rant demanding that Smerconish call out the abusive police officers who brutalize and murder people, instead of the citizens they’re supposed to protect.

Well, you know what? I don’t think we should be looking at citizens about how they react towards their public servants, it should be the other way around.

Now, what you saw right there was reality TV. People are pissed off about how they’re getting treated in the streets and how people are getting killed. They should be looking at that, besides our reaction.

Masri also says what nobody else has bothered to say on national television: That protesters have every right to express their anger:

“We have a right to be mad, our anger’s justified. So any other narrative besides that is just people getting off the subject of justice for Vonderrit Meyers and Mike Brown.”

And when smirking Smerconish declares he’s “not buying into that,” Masri calls him on his B.S.:

“Well, it’s on you if you don’t ‘buy into that.’ […] This is our community.”

Smerconish tries to guilt Masri into submission with footage from Michael Brown’s father asking everyone to stay peaceful and calm, but Masri insists that he and his fellow protesters have a to free speech, and dishes out a much-needed reality check.

“There’s blood on the street and you’re worried about words. Come on, man! That’s what journalists are missing right now. Why don’t you go investigate something real?… Why don’t you worry about us getting killed?”

Watch Masri smack down Smerconish.


Photo: Video screen grab/CNN.