Sarcastic Teens Tweet Pics Of Gross School Lunches To Michelle Obama (IMAGES)

One of First Lady Michelle Obama’s pet causes is making sure kids get nutritious food. To that end, she has championed new USDA guidelines that try to give kids healthier options in school lunches. Take note of that: USDA guidelines. Because these know-nothing teens can’t understand the difference between the FLOTUS encouraging and supporting nutrition programs and the USDA’s role in overseeing school lunch programs they channeled their anger at the First Lady.

Thinking themselves clever, some teens have taken to snapping pics of their unappetizing school lunches and tweeting them to the First Lady with the hashtag, #ThanksMichelleObama. They obviously don’t have civics classes in their schools, otherwise they might know that the First Lady does not make policy. She can lobby for a cause, as Mrs. Obama did with the Healthy Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010, but her support for a bill has no weight in Congress. That inconvenient fact doesn’t prevent kids from taking their — understandable — frustration out on the First Lady.

Here’s a sample of the sort of thing Mrs. Obama is seeing in her Twitter feed:




There were also tweets trying to explain to the sarcastic kids exactly how this whole making lunch thing works, as some seem to think that the First Lady is in their school kitchen deliberately making crappy lunches. Supportive tweets, too:



I don’t know about you, but when I went to school — in the 1970s — we had mystery meat, lumps of unidentifiable gloop and any number of other unhealthy foods (oh, those hot rolls!). Those foods were loaded with calories  (those 8″ peanut butter cookies!) and were not really good for us. We had pizza that looks exactly the same as the pizza in these pictures. We had dry hamburgers and greasy tacos. Some of the food was good, most of it was tolerable, some of it was inedible. Pretty much all of it was fattening. You know whose fault that was? The school district and the school. Not the First Lady, the lunch lady (apologies to the lunch ladies who actually care about what they serve).

Also ignored in this campaign of pissiness is the fact that these kids had choices. The things they chose to photograph are not the only things they could eat. Salad, fresh fruit and whole grain bread might not seem cool to these kids, but they are healthy. And go unchosen. Personal responsibility, anyone? High School kids are old enough to understand that concept, aren’t they? After all, they are old enough to have smart phones.

If these kids hate the choices offered by the schools, why don’t they bring their own lunch? Surely they are adult enough to make their own sandwich, pack a bag of chips and some carrot sticks, maybe a Go-Gurt. If they aren’t able, then their parents are, one would hope.

One commenter on Buzzfeed had a great idea to help these kids put their horrible lunches in perspective:

 I think we should start (a) new thing where AFRICAN children post pics of THEIR daily lunch, see what that looks like.

Not a bad idea. Maybe these kids who like to blame someone who only wants the best for them (how awful!) should get a glimpse of how most of the world lives. School lunches? Hell, some don’t even have a school. Perspective, kids. Time to understand it.


h/t Buzzfeed

Featured image: Composite/Twitter