Foul-Smelling Poop Explosion Destroys Apartment Building, Because Who Needs Permits?

Hate “Big Government” regulations? Chances are, you’ve never had your home destroyed by a giant explosion of human excrement.

The Bangkok Post reports an apartment building and surrounding homes in Zhangjiajie, China got blasted on Saturday, after some genius decided to burn his trash too close to a cesspit full of human waste. 15 were injured, but thankfully, nobody died. The Bangkok Post blames the poop explosion on the lack of government regulation right-wingers here in the U.S. seek to emulate.

“China’s urban infrastructure has often been hastily built with little regard for safety as hundreds of millions of people have moved from the countryside to cities in recent decades.”

So remember this valuable lesson this Thanksgiving when your crazy, Tea Partying uncle complains about needing a permit to install a septic tank or light a bonfire.

The Daily Mail vividly describes neighbors fleeing in terror and disgust as debris and gobbets of foul-smelling poop “rained down from the sky” onto an area as huge as a professional soccer field. They add that eager developers couldn’t be bothered with waiting for the city to build a sewer system in the area, so they hastily built a substandard cesspit that lacked proper ventilation and required regular emptying. Naturally, nobody bothered emptying it.

It is one of many examples of property developers flaunting safety as hundreds of millions of people have moved from the countryside to cities in recent decades.

A police spokesman told reporters:

“There appears to have been a build-up of methane from the waste pit which was filled with excrement from the surrounding residential buildings. A spark from the fire seems to have ignited this, causing a massive explosion.”

The following tweet shows the extent of the devastation from the poop explosion in Zhangjiajie.

Zhangjiajie: EmpowerUrView ‏@empowerurview  2h2 hours ago Exploding excrement injures 15 and topples building: Methane gas with ignited after a man burnt waste close to...

Yet there’s more to Zhangjiajie than deregulation and poop explosions, it’s a bustling city and popular travel destination located in China’s  northwestern Hunan province.

Zhangjiajie poop explosion: Sputnik ‏@SputnikInt  Nov 22 Explosion in Chinese residential community in Zhangjiajie city injures 13 people

Their nearby national park is so beautiful and otherworldly, it served as the inspiration for the planet Pandora in the Avatar movie.

RaveNectar ‏@RaveNectar  Nov 21 What's your #1 travel destination?  This is the Zhangjiajie National Park in China



Featured pboto: Jun via Flickr.