CNN Legal Analyst Slams ‘Not Credible’ Darren Wilson Testimony: Prosecutor Treated Him With ‘Kid Gloves’ (VIDEO)

The Ferguson grand jury decision has been made but the criticism is just beginning.

During a Tuesday morning report on CNN, legal analyst Sunny Hostin blasted Wilson’s testimony and the way prosecuting attorney Robert McCulloch treated Wilson on the stand.

Hostin explained that it was “highly unusual” for a prosecutor to treat a defendant with “kid gloves,” especially a defendant who killed an unarmed teenager.

“It appeared to be… very fanciful,” Hostin explained.

“When a prosecutor has a prospective target, a suspect, a defendant — a prospective defendant — inside of the grand jury, that’s the prosecutor’s chance to cross-examine that person. These prosecutors treated Darren Wilson with such kid gloves. Their questions were all softballs, he wasn’t challenged, he wasn’t pressed. It was just unbelievable to me the way they treated him in front of that grand jury.”

Hostin further noted that Wilson’s testimony on the stand is “not credible” because he didn’t have to give a statement to police like all suspects do and therefore the prosecutor had no previous information to compare Wilson’s testimony to. His initial statements regarding the shooting came while he was on the stand.

“He talks about Michael Brown reaching into his waistband,” Hostin said.

“Yet when one of the grand jurors asked him whether or not Michael Brown had a gun, he says, ‘I didn’t really think about that.’ He talks about this aggression from the very beginning, which seems odd. He talks about being hit so forcefully two times he thought the next hit would be fatal. Yet you look at his injuries, they don’t seem to be consistent with someone 6-foot-6, 300 pounds punching you with full force. There are just so many discrepancies with his testimony.”

Indeed, photographs of Wilson’s “injuries” after the killing show a man who looks like he hadn’t been in a battle for his life at all prior to gunning Brown down.

Of course, CNN contributor Mark O’Mara attempted to defend Wilson. After all, as the attorney who defended George Zimmerman, he knows what it’s like to help a racist murderer of an unarmed black teen walk free. O’Mara blamed Brown for causing his own murder because he ran and then turned around. Focus was also placed on whether or not Wilson actually ordered Brown to lay on the ground as he claimed in testimony, but Hostin destroyed that claim, pointing out that not one witness corroborates Wilson’s claim.

“The other witnesses that came forward said that they didn’t hear him say that. So again, I found his testimony to have not been tested by the prosecutor, which is highly unusual. He wasn’t cross-examined, he was treated with kid gloves in front of the grand jury. And I found his testimony to be fanciful and not credible.”

Here’s the video via YouTube:

If Wilson had been a black civilian, he wouldn’t have been treated so well by officers and the prosecutor. This grand jury investigation was a sham designed to allow Wilson to get away with his crime. He never gave a statement to police and he had months to fabricate his own version of events to repeat in front of the jury. The prosecutor also rigged the game in favor of Wilson by going easy on him when it came time to question him about the incident. This criticism of Wilson’s testimony and the actions of the prosecutor will likely not be the last, but because the grand jury investigation is over, it now falls to the Justice Department to hit Wilson with federal charges in order to see justice prevail. A civil lawsuit against Ferguson police and Wilson is also forthcoming, so Wilson may have escaped punishment for his crime for the time being thanks to racist local authorities, but he shouldn’t get too smug yet.