Right-Wing America’s Sick Twitter Celebrations Over Ferguson Decision

The decision not to indict Darren Wilson with the murder of unarmed African-American teen Michael Brown sent ripples of horror across the country, and across the world. The grim realization: In the US, it is now effectively legal to kill African Americans. The American Right however are merrily outdoing each other with truly sickening twitter celebrations.

The sight of the conservative Twitterati firing their barbs at an African-American community reeling from a string of unanswered assassinations of unarmed citizens by cops is stomach-churning.

How do you gloat over the murder of an unarmed teenager while he has his hands in the air? Simple, rewrite history.  Make the armed cop vulnerable, and the unarmed kid the aggressor.1413485089380_wps_8_PARIS_FRANCE_OCTOBER_16_T

And while you’re at it, why pin the whole thing on the “liberals?”

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And of course, no Right-Wing hate-fest would be complete without invoking “White Fright” – because obviously it’s the WHITE PEOPLE who are the real victims in all this.


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Hmm, so you’ve gloated over the murder of a teenager, pinned the blame on African Americans and liberals, you’ve made yourselves the victims…what’s left?

Oh yeah! There were no Muslims in this story!

1413485220507_wps_15_Paul_McCarthyI’m just going to assume that these ignorant comments all had to be typed with one finger at a time, because I simply cannot believe that any being with opposable thumbs could sustain such flat-out stupidity.

As one might expect when such a case of injustice is meted out on a community, African Americans and their allies across Ferguson and the wider country have hit the streets in riotous protest.  It’s loud, it’s scary, damage will be done to property. St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar said such “violence” had “torn the fabric of the community apart.

Obvious question: if burning some bins tears the fabric of a community apart, what do you think a member of the police force assassinating a member of the community and getting away with it does?

But Belmar and his cohorts don’t recognize the summary execution of a black teenager by a white cop as violence, or catalyst.

What do these people expect the community to do when, time and again, their sons and daughters are murdered with impunity? Sing Kumbaya?

Equally nauseating are those quoting Martin Luther-King and Gandhi at the people driven to riot in the streets at this injustice, who really need to check their history.

Firstly, both those men were killed.


But aside from the small fact of their murder, in Martin Luther-King’s own words:

“A riot is the language of the unheard”

Every movement that has achieved anything throughout history had the charismatic, calm face…but also an “or else.”  Martin Luther-King had Malcolm X and the Black Panthers.  Gandhi had Jinnah.

History (that history mostly written by those within the existing power structure) tends to write-out the parts played by the “or else” contingent.  Complex, unclean, hard-won battles become romanticized and simplified beyond all recognition.  We like our victims perfect, pacifist, poetic – not angry, urgent and “uppity.”  We want to see candles and roses, not fire bombs and riots.  Well, tough! The price of inequality and injustice is instability.  White, Right America should be afraid, it should be uncomfortable and it should not get a moments peace while it refuses the same privileges to non-white America.