Denver Police Busted Trying To Destroy Video Evidence Of Beating Pregnant Woman (VIDEO)

Levi Frasier was driving along in Denver not too long ago when he came across two police officers attacking David Nelson Flores on the ground. Being a concerned citizen, he began to videotape the officers on his tablet computer as they pummeled the prone man, demanding drugs from him. When Flores’ 7-month pregnant wife, Mayra Lazos-Guerrero, came up asking them to stop, an officer swept out her feet, dropping her to the ground, enabling them to pummel her as well as her husband. The police claimed that Flores had swallowed a white sweatsock – clearly denoting that he was a drug kingpin and therefore deserved summary punished without need for a court of law to them.

When they finally stopped beating on the couple, they charged Flores with resisting arrest and two drug charges, despite no drugs being found on him. Guerrero was charged with obstruction, drugs and child abuse as there was a child in the car they were driving when the police pulled the couple over. No drugs were found on either suspect, although something claimed as drug paraphanelia was discovered in Guerrero’s purse, with no further details given. Both of them were treated for injuries sustained from the officers.

But once they were aware of being recorded, they demanded the computer, and began rifling through the files without a warrant. When they handed it back, the recording was erased.

Unknown to the officers, Levi Frasier had set up a cloud backup service beforehand. This automatically stored the video clip online, safely out of officers hands. The footage was turned over to KDVR Fox 31, who aired it last night. The officers claimed, according to the police report obtained by Fox 31, that the punches on Flores were there to prevent choking on a bag of heroin that they never saw but only suspected may exist. Further, shortly after the news station reached out to Denver police, the department’s twitter account posted what could be taken as a mocking response.

The couple did not appear for their later court appearance. After the treatment at the hands of officers sworn to protect, how can anyone blame them? Despite being offered access to the recording earlier this week, the police department refused to view the footage until after the news report was released. Now they are asking for a copy to review for misconduct. They had the opportunity to address the issue, and rejected it, and now are facing the public scrutiny so rightly deserved.

The police are there to serve the public trust. Incidents like this, with excessive force, violate that trust. There is a procedure for handling someone suspected of swallowing evidence. That procedure does not at any point involve a fist or foot.

If they suspected Flores of swallowing a bag of heroin, an immediate detention and rush to the hospital for a stomach pump would have avoided the entire situation. Once the officers moved to strike, they violated their oaths, and any criminal proceedings are now tainted by the act. Any evidence presented will be called into question – was it planted, modified, or fabricated? Any testimony becomes suspect – are officers just protecting their own? Recall, they already have been found attempting to destroy evidence. The entire case is now suspect, and the suspects can rightly claim to be afraid of the justice system as a result of this action.

In the wake of the failures of the Ferguson grand jury in following the process set forth to ensure fairness and trust in the legal process, it appears all departments need a reminder why these processes exist in the first place. They are not there to protect criminals, they are to protect the system itself. If the people cannot trust their legal system, the legal system itself cannot work. Police militarization, a prison-industrial complex, a classroom to jail cell system of education, and a legal system set up to favor the rich and powerful, the factors eroding public trust in the system are piling up. Will the Denver police department and Colorado’s justice system put an end to this erosion, or will they shrug their shoulders in this case and consider it business as usual?

Sadly, if history goes to show us, it will likely be business as usual.