Domestic Terrorist Organization Forms Vigilante Squad In Ferguson

Formed in 2009, the Oath Keepers were founded with the goal of overthrowing the US Government. Built on the premise that their interpretation, and only their interpretation of the US Constitution, the organization has come out in support of pedophiles, rapists, arsonists, thieves, tax cheats, and terrorists. Much like a domestic Taliban, they care nothing for the people of the United States, only in imposing their will upon others.

In the wake of the Ferguson grand jury acquittal of teen killer Darren Wilson, the Oath Keepers have called upon volunteers to form a vigilante squad, a lynch mob, to “please grab your gear and start rolling toward Ferguson.” Their call is for armed vigilantes with suitable training to engage in armed operations, for photographers and videographers to help create propaganda pieces, and those with the training in arson management. They put it in the best light, but that is the selection of skills asked for. It is not difficult to imagine how a tense situation can turn any unorganized group into a mob, and that is precisely what the Oath Keepers are creating here.

According to an interview with Sky News, organizer Sam Andrews, says that the vigilantes are prepared to use lethal force to impose their will upon the town, to put down the people and enforce order for their corporate oligarchs. Throughout the interview, he dismissed the concerns of the protestors, and reiterated that it was corporate and business interests which he was there to protect. Profit before people, that’s what the Oath Keepers are for according to him.

Like many fanatics, Sam has fallen for his own hyperbole. Of course the Oath Keepers do not think that they are doing wrong, and firmly believe that they are the good guys – like every other terrorist organization in the world. Government bad, Businesses good – that sums up their mindset. But this squad he is forming is not the law, it has no accountability to the people, it holds no trust. It is no different from a lynch mob, who in a blind rage cause pain and suffering on others. It is a vigilante squad, not some noble venture but a bunch of thugs little different than the Islamic State.

The Oath Keepers have no place in civil society. Their actions and oaths mark them not as patriots to the US Constitution, but as traitors to her core values. Rather than rely upon the methods given by the system to reform it, they rely upon coercion and threats of violence. They imagine the Constitution a perfect document given by religious-like messiahs, rather than as the framework designed for interpretation and revision that our founding fathers intended. We do not use medical science from the 18th century, how well would a rigid government from the 18th century designed without any ability to grow or adapt work?

It wouldn’t, which is why the founding fathers, in their wisdom, did not set down a rigid structure, but instead a framework designed for interpretation. The interpretation allows for our society to mold it to fit the needs of modern society. If it were rigid, voting would require a local caucus in each town, as it did in the 18th century. But the Oath Keepers imagine it as a religious text, and not a government framework. In their misguided view, they seek some enlightened meaning, and seek the one true vision from it. This failure causes them to take actions which when taken in the aggregate make them not loyal patriots, but domestic terrorists, the very people the Constitution warned against – the one crime listed specifically within the Constitution itself, Treason.