Dancing Iranian Woman Risks 91 Lashes To Protest Harsh Laws Against Women (VIDEO)

Dancing in a moving subway seems like a scary thing to do anywhere, but this Iranian woman risks getting into some serious trouble. The mullahs in charge of Iran’s theocratic regime forbids women from dancing in public. Plus, she broke a second law when she defiantly removed her hijab and uncovered her hair.

The Telegraph reports someone posted a video with her busting some serious dance moves on a train in Tehran to the Iranian women’s rights Facebook page, Stealthy Freedom. The page features posts and photos with women doing various things without their required head scarfs.

So, if the dancing Iranian woman gets caught, what will they do to her? The Global Post Dispatch mentions six exuberant Iranians who posted a YouTube video with themselves dancing to Pharrell Williams’ hit song, “Happy.”

In September, they were handed suspended sentences of 91 lashes and up to one year in jail following international condemnation of their jailing and calls for their release.

Luckily for the dancing Iranian woman, her fellow passengers respond as subway passengers do to strange goings-on in the US and around the world: They take no notice because they’ve probably seen much stranger things. Although the woman did not attempt to hide her face, the person filming her took care to blur her features.

Before you get all smug about those cruel Muslim fanatics in Iran and “freedom” here in America, remember that 42 states restrict women‘s access to abortion, and that Elmore City, OK — the town the movie Footloose was based on — banned dancing until 1980.

Watch the video with the dancing Iranian woman protesting in a Tehran subway car:


Here’s the video with the six Iranians who got 91 lashes for dancing the the song Happy.



Featured photo: Video screen grab via Stealthy Freedom/Facebook.