Ferguson Cop Shoots Pregnant Woman In Face With Bean Bag, She Loses Her Eye (VIDEO)

A pregnant St. Louis woman protesting the non-indictment of Officer Darren Wilson was shot in the face this week with a beanbag round by an officer. She lost her left eye in the incident.

Michael Brown was shot dead in the street on August 9 this year, and this week a grand jury failed to indict the officer, despite 16 witnesses reporting that the 18-year-old had his hands in the air in surrender when Wilson fired the killer shots.

On Monday night, Dornnella Conner shared an illustration with her Facebook friends of Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin walking arm-in-arm – along with her own thoughts: “RIP – feeling mad.”  Just hours later, as she pulled up to a protest, a bean-bag round would be fired into her car by a police officer, shattering the passenger side window and leaving her face a bloody mess.

Conners said she and boyfriend, Deangelis Lee, drove into Ferguson early Tuesday to show support for Brown and the community.  But things quickly turned South when they pulled into a BP parking lot.  The lot had amassed a crowd, and after reports of gunfire, police moved into clear the area – arresting 16 people in the process.  When Conners and her boyfriend tried to drive away, she says officers formed a kettle and blocked them in.

St. Louis County police argue Lee drove straight at them, and an officer fired a non-lethal weapon in an attempt to stop the car.  The beanbag shattered the passenger-side window and struck Conner in the face.

“I understand they have a tough job, and I understand it was chaos, but there was no reason to fire upon an innocent person sitting in a vehicle,” said her father, Donnell Conners.

Tikal Goldie/via Facebook

Tikal Goldie/via Facebook

Doctors were unable to save her left eye, and Conners said her vision is blurry in the right eye.

“My sister can now only see one side of things – literally,” said her sister, Tikal Goldie.

There is currently no investigation into the behavior of the officers involved, but police have issued an arrest warrant for Lee in connection with the incident. Conners however, remains determined.

“I will have justice for what they did to me,” she wrote on Facebook Thursday. “But I’m happy I’m alive.”

What makes this case so disturbing, is that the level of faith in the police and justice systems is now so eroded that most will struggle to believe this officer’s account – or any officer’s account in the future.  While the authorities feel like they won in getting Darren Wilson off the hook, they fail to appreciate what they lost – any last shred of faith that the law enforcement and justice systems of the United States amongst the African American community.

Watch the video report posted online by KMOV-TV below: