Christian Homeschool Mom Returns, This Time ‘Audits’ Zoo Using Her Unique Brand Of Stupidity (VIDEO)

She’s back. The Christian fundamentalist mom who homeschools her children visited a Chicago zoo to once again perform an “audit” searching for “liberal bias” and “dragons” after previously embarrassing herself in a science museum last month. Her kids must be so proud.

Fresh off her laughable attempt to disprove evolution, anti-science conservative mom Megan Fox took a trip to a zoo with her cameraman to discover dragons and more liberal plots, proving that stupid people have absolutely no shame whatsoever, even when everyone is pointing and laughing at them.

During her adventure, Fox came across an iguana and immediately labeled it a “dragon.”

“Look, I found a dragon!” she declares. “Spikes, claws, scales, nails – it’s a dragon!”

No, it’s a reptile commonly known as an iguana in the real world, Ms. Fox. Move along.

She rants about a supposedly “anti-human” display which states that 90 percent of all primate species are threatened by the actions of one primate species: us.

“There are tons of (displays) here that say, you know, humans are bad,” Fox laments. “There’s all kinds of anti-human and green initiative stuff that we can look at here, so it’s going to be fun.”

She also discovers what she considers an offensive leftist message urging people to conserve water, which Fox somehow considers a bad thing.

This is another one of those things on the Left: ‘You are using too much water, you are depleting the water resources, you humans are bad — we’re going to take the H2Oath. Come on, this is laughable… They don’t want you to wash your car because that would be wasting water. No, you’re supposed to wash it in the rain, like the Prius commercial, the new Prius commercial, that says the kid goes out there and washes the car in the rain. Yeah, that’s a great idea. Come on!

I’m sure the conservative doomsday preppers would disagree with her,especially since only 3 percent of all of the water on Earth is freshwater. Unless Fox is an avid drinker of salty ocean water, which sounds plausible considering consumption of such water causes deliriousness, she should probably re-think water conservation as more of a human effort to survive than a liberal plot to control.

As she continues her journey through the Brookfield Zoo, Fox and her cameraman run their mouths about Al Gore, Obamacare, eco-tourism, and other topics in a way that would make right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones proud.

Here’s the video via YouTube.

Adding more stupidity on top of her stupidity, Fox also posted a Facebook rant about how scientists can’t possibly know that dragons didn’t exist because they recently discovered a frog in New Jersey.

ANOTHER STORY ABOUT SCIENTISTS BEING SURPRISED and discovering an animal species that they claimed previously didn’t or couldn’t exist. But it does. This “new” frog was discovered in the exotic locale of…New Jersey. Isn’t Princeton in New Jersey? Sure feels like there are a lot of scientists in New Jersey. But, they missed this frog for all those decades (if not centuries). A few things are always interesting to remember in moments like these: (1) scientists don’t know everything and are “surprised” by something seemingly every day; (2) there are more animals that exist that have not been “discovered” than scientists would have you believe; (3) if scientists don’t know about every animal alive right now then how could they know what animals existed back in the caveman prehistoric days? We really don’t know the extent of what existed in the past. We have glimpses here and there in the fossil record, but just because something has not been found yet doesn’t mean it didn’t exist in prehistory.

Just let that sink in for a moment. Because scientists discovered a new small frog, Fox claims scientists must have missed the the discovery of dragons in the fossil record. The fact is, dragons are mythological creatures created by the imagination of humans who were possibly inspired by real-life reptiles such as crocodiles and snakes or the discovery of dinosaur bones. There is zero evidence that dragons existed. Considering all of the examples of dinosaur bones we have uncovered in the world, one would think we would have uncovered a dragon bone or fossil by now.

Of course, we should all be concerned about Fox’s children. After all, they’re literally being indoctrinated with this ignorance. How any state or federal agency can say this woman is qualified to provide her kids with an education is ludicrous. Fox single-handedly demonstrates that there is a strong need for more oversight and regulation in homeschooling.