Bill O’Reilly Launches Preemptive Counter-Strike In ‘War On Christmas’ (VIDEO)

It’s that time of year again. On Tuesday, General Bill O’Reilly launched the first salvo, or as Fox News wordsmiths would probably define it, a preemptive counter-strike, in the “War on Christmas.”

As is holiday tradition, the ‘fairly unbalanced’ Fox News Network will be fanning the flames of religious intolerance from now until December 25th. They are determined to be victorious… and by victorious I mean boost ratings.

O’Reilly’s first target is a group called American Atheists who have rented billboards in a number of states that read, “Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is to skip church! I’m too old for fairy tales.”

American Atheists

Image of billboard via

This year, Bill O. has unearthed a therapist, Dr. Karen Ruskin, LMFT, willing to sacrifice all credibility in her chosen field by appearing as a Fox News pundit. O’Reilly asks her to psychoanalyze those who would try to “diminish the celebration of Jesus’ birthday.”

O’Reilly asks Ruskin what she thinks of the billboard,

“It’s an insulting sign, is it not?”

Ruskin agrees, then summons her experience as a Licensed Marriage & Family Counselor to psychoanalyze those who believe in one less god than most,

“It’s horrifically insulting, it’s really disrespectful, but not unlike the bully who tries to push other people down in order to make themselves feel better. That’s what’s happening here.”

According to, a bully is “a blustering, quarrelsome, overbearing person who habitually badgers and intimidates smaller or weaker people.” However, according to Pew Research, 78.4% of Americans identify as Christian while only 1.6% identify as atheists. Bullies? Really? Ruskin continues with more analysis that’s sure to create cognitive dissonance within the minds of rational viewers,

“Not all atheists are as nasty as what’s happening here, some atheists have a true belief that there is no god and they feel very comfortable with that, but there are others who have a very uncomfortable belief about it. They feel the need to push others down and that’s the group that you’re seeing here. A group of people all coming together in a gang-like format in order to push other people down.”

O’Reilly then jumps in with his expert opinion about those who would wage war on Christmas:

“It almost seems sadistic that you would hammer down something like that.”

There’s certainly more unintentional comedy where that came from (see video below), but let’s pause for a moment to determine what we’ve learned so far?

Atheists who speak up are are bullies that push other people down to make themselves feel better, are uncomfortable with their lack of belief, are gang-like, sadistic and nasty. Here’s a bit of a spoiler alert, we find out later in the segment that atheists are also emotionally confused and in denial. In fact, O’Reilly comically compares global warming denial to “War on Christmas” denial.

Here’s the entire train-wreck of a segment, compliments of Media Matters for America:

After viewing O’Reilly’s opening salvo in the “War on Christmas”, treat yourself to the following classic clip from The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. The clip originally aired Dec 3rd, 2013. Stewart hilariously puts the “War on Christmas” to bed for good,


Please celebrate diversity this holiday season. Celebrate tolerance. Celebrate inclusion. Happy Holidays, my friends!