White Privilege Revealed In 140 Characters Through #CrimingWhileWhite Hashtag (SCREENSHOTS)

Amid the cries for justice for Michael Brown: an unarmed African American teen gunned down in the street by white Ferguson officer Darren Wilson; John Crawford: an African-American man shot in a Walmart for carrying a toy gun he picked up in the store; Eric Garner: a New York man who was choked to death by a police officer for selling untaxed cigarettes; Darrien Hunt: an African-American cosplayer who was shot in the back multiple times by police for allegedly charging officers with his toy sword; and Tamir Rice: an African-American child who was shot on sight as he carried a toy gun — there is a running theme, that we still have a long way to go with racial equality.

All of these people mentioned have two things in common: their skin color, and that they were murdered by police officers under dubious circumstances.

Meanwhile, Ethan Couch killed four people and injured two others in a drunken joy ride as he and his friends quested for more beer. His punishment? A stint in an upscale rehabilitation facility.┬áKevin Miner was able to kick an officer and break another’s hand while hiding out in a stranger’s basement. He was arrested without a single shot fired.┬áThis man, who attacked two police officers found himself the recipient of nonlethal means of controlling him. A Nevada rancher organized an army to aim weapons at government officials. He was touted as a hero by numerous politicians, and there was not a single casualty.

Unsurprisingly, all of these people are white — and still alive.

Following the grand jury’s failure to indict the officer who murdered Eric Garner, white Americans began confessing to crimes and offenses that would land African-Americans in jail, and it’s perhaps the most honest conversation on white privilege you will see for a while.

The hashtag #CrimingWhileWhite examines the disparity between the inconvenience a white person experiences when confronted by a police officer and the potentially life-ending and terrifying ordeal an African-American would find in the same situation.

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But remember, white privilege does not exist.