Charles Barkley: I Don’t Know If Slavery Was ‘One Of The Worst Things Ever’ (VIDEO)

If you were a fan of Charles Barkley, this might enrage you enough to rip up any Barkley basketball cards or memorabilia you may possess of the former NBA power-forward.

Not one to shy away from running his mouth about things he doesn’t grasp, Barkley engaged in a pointless argument with colleague Kenny Smith over the latter’s open letter in USA Today, calling out Barkley’s opinion of the black community and his so-called “expertise” on social and political issues.

So naturally, when the two came face to face on Thursday night during an episode of “NBA on TNT,” sparks flew. Host Ernie Johnson decided that this edition of the program would focus for ten minutes on Ferguson and the spat between Smith and Barkley. Two minutes in, Barkley dropped an ignorance bomb on the air that should make every single white supremacist in the country proud.

During the discussion, Barkley remarked that he doesn’t know if slavery was all that bad.

“The only problem I had with Kenny’s, umm, open letter was, umm, I don’t think anytime anything bad that happens in the black community we have to talk about slavery. Listen, slavery is, uh, well, I shouldn’t say one of the worst things ever, because I don’t know anything about it other than what I read or what my grandmother told me. We, as black people, need the cops in our community. They’re not there just to quote-unquote kill black men, they’re there to protect us, and we, as black people, have got to develop a relationship with them.”

In response, Smith criticized the media for treating Barkley as if he is an expert and agreed that slavery shouldn’t be brought into the issue:

“I also don’t agree that slavery should be brought into this issue. I think the biggest aspect is a lack of trust in the African-American community, which is actually caused by poor economic situations, poorer recreational situations and poor education.”

Here’s the video via YouTube.

Most reasonable and sane people would agree that slavery IS, in fact, one of the worst human evils in the history of our nation. Under slavery, African-Americans were denied constitutional rights and were forced to work for the financial gain of their lazy masters and slave-drivers. They were beaten and whipped, denied education, female slave were raped, they were bred like cattle and considered to be livestock. The institution was so objectionable in America that it took a civil war to end it.

Barkley should probably take a look at what he said and clarify his statements, especially if he doesn’t want to become so toxic to TNT that his job is in jeopardy because of his own stupidity.