Pastor Who Want to Cure AIDS By Killing Gay People Doubles Down on Awful Remarks (VIDEO)

Pastor Stephen L. Anderson of Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona, recently solved the AIDS crisis using his trusty Bible. According to Anderson, we can have an AIDS-free world “by Christmas” if we “executed the homos.” Anderson, deluded as he is, feels that the entire LGBT population consists entirely of “pedophiles” who are “full of murder.”

The story of Anderson’s gay-nocidal AIDS cure made its way around the internet and, finally, to the pastor’s local news.

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“I see a lot of drama,” Pastor Vernon Meyer with Sun Lakes United Church of Christ told the station. “That’s very offensive when he says ‘homo’.”

Meyer compared Anderson to terrorist leaders. “That’s no different than what ISIS is doing in Iraq and Syria,” he said. “God tells them to go kill anybody who’s different from them.”

“I do not view him as a pastor,” Jeffrey Dirrim of Rebel & Divine United Church of Christ told USA Today. “That’s not what he’s doing.”

“Words are powerful,” Dirrim added, “and I have no doubt those words are going to kill someone.” He has a message for the millions of Americans Anderson wants to exterminate: That someone loves them, and “they shouldn’t listen to this hateful rhetoric. This is not church.”

One Rabbi feels that Anderson should be a catalyst for a movement in which tolerance is “not enough,” but active eradication of hatred like that which Anderson espouses is necessary.

Like many of you I am horrified by these words and that Anderson shared this sermon on a pulpit less than 20 miles away from my own. However, this is not a time for us to play the postmodern moral equivalency game. We cannot stand idly by and claim, ‘The Pastor has a different read than I do but its his and we should let him think or believe whatever he wishes.” Some may say, “We’re giving him too much attention; he’s a bad guy and we should ignore him.” Worse of all, many have said, “Let’s ignore him, I’m not responsible for his words or what he says or who he hates, that’s for his congregants!”

However, after so many people who waste so much time shouting at the wind to share their messages of hate and evil, isn’t it time for us to speak up? Isn’t it time for those of us from within American faith communities to state that we simply aren’t going to stand for this kind of hatred coming from the pulpits of North America’s houses of worship? As Heschel once said, it is actually “indifference to [this kind of] evil is worse than evil itself, that in a free society, some are guilty, but all are responsible.”

The only antidote, therefore, to the evil espoused by people like Pastor Anderson is through the deeds, which come from the very concept of responsibility of Heschel’s admonishment. For us, clergy and loving members of the community alike, to begin a movement where “tolerance” will no longer be enough, but where action and unification of spirit brings about the possibilities of eradicating hatred like this.

Anderson’s rabid followers have his back, though — especially since one of his critics was a “homo” pastor.

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Anderson, classy as ever, responded to his critics with grace.

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On his church’s Facebook page, anderson doubled down on his remarks by posting a sermon from February 2013. In the video, he makes many of the same claims he recently made about LGBT individuals. He told the congregation that he owned a “gay” dog briefly, but got rid of it quickly because “this dog is reprobate.”

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The video can be viewed below:


Despite his decision to continue pushing his hateful agenda, the good pastor is very upset about something: Those awful “homos” are negatively reviewing his church!

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Indeed, Anderson’s church has accumulated more than 350 negative reviews because of his behavior and awful sentiments.

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The internet has a nice surprise for Anderson, though. So far, nearly $10,000 has been collected to help people suffering from HIV/AIDS — because of him. And Planting Peace, the organization collecting the funds, has promised the pastor a nice, shiny, lump of coal for each donation.

via Crowdrise

via Crowdrise

Watch a report on Anderson’s homophobic attitude, below, via AZCentral: