Alabama Issues ‘No Homo’ License Plate – You’ll Never Believe What Plates They’ve Rejected

The state of Alabama, like most, issues vanity license plates to almost anyone who asks, as long as the recipient chooses the right combination of letters and numbers.

Most of the time, states shy away from issuing plates that could be construed as offensive, but Alabama issued one that is sure to offend many. On a pink breast cancer awareness plate, someone had “NoHomo” engraved – presumably in case someone thought that a pink plate on a black Mustang would give someone ideas.


Think Progress spoke to the person who spotted the plate:

The picture of the license plate was actually taken by Scott Johnston, a Facilities Manager in the Atlanta, Georgia area. He spotted the plate in an office parking lot, telling ThinkProgress that he was “first shocked, then angered” that Alabama would permit such a plate to be issued. “How could they allow outright discrimination to be published on a state license plate?”

Amanda Collier, a spokesperson for the Alabama Department of Revenue, informed ThinkProgress that a process is in place to monitor what plates are banned. When a request for a personalized license plate is filed, a three-person review panel considers each application, sometimes offering alternative lettering for the requested message. Some messages are so explicit, however, that “no alternative can be offered” and the taxpayer’s request is denied. “There is a list of more than 6,000 plates that are strictly banned and will not be allowed on any tag in the state,” Collier explained, including “anything explicit, any profanity, or vulgar language.”

How selective the state of Alabama is is debatable. They have refused to issue 6,000 plates but there are currently 240,000 vanity plates in Alabama.

WSFA Channel 12 put together a slide show of some of the rejected plates. While the state doesn’t seem to have a problem with someone advertising hate, they do have problems with someone announcing they are gay. They have rejected 1MGAY and LESB1AN. They also rejected 1M1RU12, although it’s unclear what that person was one of.

Unsurprisingly, they don’t like people to say bad things about the police, like OINKPD. *UOBAMA didn’t go over well either. There were others that seem to still be holding on to the old South, such as, SEGR1G8, RAC1ST, REDNEKN and DAMYNKY, which apparently wasn’t referring to the musical.

Threatening plates like 1KEELU or CHUTEM didn’t make the cut. Neither do plates like TERIST, NUKIRAQ or ARAB.

Some are just silly, like 1POOTED, HERPEEZ or BRDPOO. Sexually explicit plates like PORNSTR were rejected, as are plates with a generally negative message, like OHALENO, 13ITCH, EYEH8U and FTBSTRD. The very Christian state also doesn’t like 666 or DEV1L. Others are just head scratchers.

Image courtesy of Think Progress.