Open Carry Extremist Charged With Shooting, Killing Husband and Stepdaughter (VIDEO)

Open carry “activists” enjoy touting the “safe” nature of ammosexuals who enjoy traveling — with their loaded assault rifles at the ready — through the aisles of supermarkets and into restaurants, prepared to do battle with any overly-aggressive vacuum cleaners or other merchandise they meet.

Unfortunately, the true nature of individuals who desperately cling to their guns has been revealed. On Wednesday, a member of Open Carry Tarrant County, a “peaceful” group that expends considerable effort threatening and harassing members of various groups fighting for reasonable firearm regulations, was charged with the murder of her husband and stepdaughter.

Police were called to the family home, where they discovered the deceased Russell  Dunnachie and his adult daughter from a previous marriage. Dunnachie drove herself to a mental hospital after the bloodthirsty “activist” murdered her family.


Dunnachie sent two of her own children to school, and her youngest to the babysitter in preparation for the attack. All of  the couple’s children are unharmed.

Dunnachie and her husband were going through a divorce, NBC reports, and Russell had temporary custody of the children and the home, as well as child support.

Elizabeth Rojas, the open carry activist’s cousin, said that Dunnachie had become distant, had lost weight, and had become very involved with gun activist groups prior to the murder.

“I never thought it would come to this point. I just knew they were having problems,” said neighbor Cara Vannatta. “I just knew she was going through a hard time, then all of a sudden she changed so fast. But I didn’t know she was going to be doing this.”


Not only did Dunnachie become involved with gun activists, but she became involved with some of the worst –Open Carry Tarrant County. Here, she can be seen posing with the group in a park full of what could, with the unstable Dunnachie present, could rightfully have been called “innocent victims.”

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In the photo are vocal “activists” Kory and Janie Watkins, who were recently arrested for filming police in a manner that interfered with a crime scene. The group of “cop watchers” to which the couple belongs is regularly permitted to film police.


However, Watkins and crew went too far. Watkins was armed with a black powder pistol, and his group surrounded police despite numerous warnings about their actions. The dash camera footage showed Watkins violently screaming and refusing to move out of officers’ way.

C.J. Grisham, founder of Open Carry Texas, posted on Facebook that “My thoughts are with my friends who lost a good friend. You know who you are and I’m thinking of you.”

Bobby Thomas, whose Facebook image features him pointing two handguns at the camera while dressed like a serial killer, responded that he “knew” Dunnachie and was “not that surprised” that she unloaded on her family members.

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If members of these groups know they are harboring dangerous, violent individuals and say nothing, are these groups truly as peaceful as they claim? Are those walking through the establishments into which they take loaded weaponry truly safe?

“Mama didn’t raise no victim,” Open Carry Tarrant County wrote in one photo that featured Dunnachie with her trusty sidearm. No — mama raised a cold-blooded killer.


Because of the safety risk presented by unstable individuals armed with loaded weapons, Moms Demand Action have been asking stores like Target, Kroger, and others, to restrict firearms in the building. Target has listened. Kroger, however, has not.

One can not help but wonder what would have happened if Dunnachie had snapped during one of her group’s many “walks” through businesses. How many bodies would the open carry movement have on its hands?\

All photos are courtesy of Moms Demand Action via e-mail