Bryan Fischer: Torture Is A Christian Value (VIDEO)

Conservatives have been falling all over themselves claiming that torture is perfectly constitutional and has value as an interrogation method. And now Bryan Fischer has declared torture a “Christian principle.” During his radio program on Thursday, American Family Association spokesman Bryan Fischer echoed conservatives such as Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia by insisting that torture isn’t prohibited by the Constitution and claimed that the Geneva Convention doesn’t protect terrorist suspects against the barbaric methods. Of course, it’s very clear that the Eighth Amendment prohibits torture as the Founding Fathers made their intention very clear during debate on the amendment in Congress in 1791. But Fischer made another claim that should outrage true Christians everywhere. Fischer stated that terrorists deserve to be tortured because the American people value Christian principles.

“They have absolutely no legal rights that they can claim anywhere. So whatever treatment we give them, if there is any mercy involved in it, they have no right to that; that is simply because we are a merciful people who are driven by Christian principles.”

Here’s the video via Right Wing Watch. This is absolutely twisted. This is how far conservative “Christians” have sunk in their desperate effort to continue torture as an interrogation method in America. Torture is not a Christian value. It’s not an American value. And it should be forever banned. Those who used it and authorized it should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Torture is an evil. It’s very unlikely that Jesus would find a reason to justify torturing another human being, no matter what they have done. Conservatives are sick if they actually believe torture is a Christian value. They’re not Christians, they’re monsters who should be condemned by the highest religious power in the land. Oh, that’s right. Pope Francis already did that earlier this year.