Mentally Ill Gun Nuts Blame Gun Control For Sandy Hook, Demand Right To Purchase Bazookas (VIDEO)

Ammosexuals marked the anniversary of the tragedy at Sandy Hook by holding an open carry demonstration in which the gun nuts blamed gun control for mass shootings and urged the purchase of tanks and bazookas to fight them.

Gavin Seim organized the “I Will Not Comply” rally in response to the overwhelming passage of Initiative 594 in Washington state, which extends background check laws to close loopholes in the system that have allowed people to get guns they should never have been given access to. Seim even tried running for Congress on the issue and failed miserably. But he still insists on carrying his guns in public, blatantly breaking gun laws, and making offensive statements about gun control supporters.

Seim thinks people should be able to buy bazookas and tanks if they want them and claims gun control advocates are the true cause of mass shootings.

“If you want to own a bazooka, you can own a bazooka,” he declared at the rally.

“The people that are trying to take our guns are the ones that are causing events where children and families and people are lost,” Seim added.

He also asked “Who gets to decide who is mentally unstable?” before making it clear that he himself is mentally ill by burning his own concealed carry permit on stage and urging other gun owners to do the same. Another mentally ill paranoid gun nut named Justice Cuttrell said ““I don’t want to be put on anybody’s list. My guns were given to me by family and basically they’re unregistered. And I don’t think they should have to be registered.”

Protesters also booed the name of Gabrielle Giffords, who suffered a shot to the head in a mass shooting in Arizona, others blatantly attempted to illegally transfer weapons at the event. And of course, local police didn’t do a damn thing about it. White people with guns clearly broke the law in a hateful protest against the government and gun control supporters, but police didn’t shoot them, Taser them, beat them, or arrest them.

Here’s the video via YouTube.

These are the kinds of mentally ill people who should not be allowed to own firearms under any circumstances. They are paranoid and openly hostile while carrying weapons that are designed to kill. They yearn for a bloody revolution to get their own way, even if voters disagree with them. Washington voters approved of Initiative 594 by a 19-point margin. It’s a landslide passage of a law by the voting public, not the government. But the ammosexuals are whining anyway and are vowing to continually break the law, even if more kids need to die in their effort to turn America into a gun-toting paradise where no rules exist.