Prostitute Helps Investigators Catch The On-Duty Cop Who Raped Her

On Friday, a former Nashville police officer was arrested after being indicted by a grand jury for raping a prostitute – while he was on duty, no less.

Jonathan Mays, 44, had been working the Central Precinct’s overnight shift when he raped the 32-year-old sex worker. The victim had gone to police in June, claiming that an on-duty cop had requested that she perform oral sex on him in January. If she refused, the officer threatened to arrest her on the spot.

Photo Credit: Metropolitan Nashville Police Department

Photo Credit: Metropolitan Nashville Police Department

The police and the victim constructed a plan to catch Mays in the act, and the victim was placed under surveillance. The victim offered to perform oral sex on Mays in exchange for his protection, and the pair agreed to meet at another location. When Mays showed up at the scene, investigators were waiting for him.

Once confronted, Mays tried to deny having any previous involvement with the woman, but later confessed to the January incident. He put in his resignation in July, after having worked in the police department since February 2002.

In a statement, Police Chief Steve Anderson said:

“Our investigation shows that Jonathan Mays betrayed the public’s trust as well as that of his co-workers. His actions are counter to the very high expectations of professionalism and integrity for Nashville’s police officers.”

Mays’ bond is $25,000. He is facing rape charges, two counts of official misconduct and two counts of official oppression.

Unfortunately, these horrific abuses of power aren’t that uncommon. For example, earlier this year a police officer who boasted a “Cop of The Month” title was convicted of raping a woman at gunpoint – on the hood of his patrol car. In another case, an Oklahoma cop was arrested for raping multiple women while on duty.

Just this year – in the 30 days between October and November – 40 police officers were charged or convicted of sex crimes – many of which involved children. Unfortunately, the true number is probably even higher because many rapes go unreported and corruption within the police system protects bad cops. I myself have known two women who were raped in separate situations by police officers – and one of the incidents resulted in a pregnancy followed by an abortion. To say these women were scarred for life is an understatement.

Cops who rape are the criminals that no one is talking about – and we desperately need to be.