Innocent Man ‘Accidentally’ Shot In Back By Officer From Troubled Albuquerque PD

After the release of the Department of Justice’s report in April 2014, concluding 20 fatal shootings by officers employed by the Albuquerque Police Department between 2009 and 2012 were an unconstitutional use of force in violation of the 4th Amendment, the police department went on a hot streak. They did not shoot a single person for the past five months—until this week.

Sadly, the Albuquerque Police Department’s record for number of days without an officer-involved shooting came to an end when an officer reportedly–by accident–shot an innocent man in the back who lived a floor below where the officer was located.

During a burglary investigation, as the officer was climbing through a broken window in an apartment building, his gun discharged. The bullet from the officer’s gun went through the apartment floor and hit Ramiro Armendariz in his back.

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Tanner Tixier, spokesman for the Department stated:

“We will not be releasing his name, lapel video, or any other items pertaining to this incident until he has had the opportunity to speak with investigators”

Albuquerque Police Department police officer Simon Drobik attempted to explain the circumstance of the shooting by stating:

“An officer went through the broken window, through the shards of glass, and at some point, accidentally – I can’t confirm enough here – accidentally discharged his firearm.”

Mr. Armendariz, in the apartment below, was apparently getting up to get a glass of water when he was struck by the unidentified officer’s stray bullet.

Ramiro’s sister, Alicia Armendariz, was interviewed and attempted to explain what she saw following the shooting:

“My brother, he had a hole.”

Ramiro is expected to make a full recovery after undergoing surgery and the family is attempting to contact an attorney to determine whether a lawsuit should be filed.

In light of the prior history of abuse and the intense scrutiny that will follow any officer-involved shooting in Albuquerque, the Police Department promised a full and complete investigation of this incident.

One must ask why this officer (let’s call him Barney Fife while we are waiting for his real name to be disclosed by the Albuquerque PD) believed that it was necessary to have his loaded weapon in his hand as he was purportedly trying to climb through a window encased in “shards of glass?”

We will have to keep a close watch on Albuquerque as the department continues to struggle to keep their officers in check.