Anti-Government Tea Party Nuts Want To Take Over AZ County, Set Up New Government (VIDEO)

The “Patriot” movement has set its sights higher than ever. One of their most prominent leaders, Richard Mack – who happens to be the same man who wanted to use women as shields on Cliven Bundy’s ranch– wants to take over Navajo County, Arizona. Mack says that he will be moving to the rural Arizona county, and pursuing a bid for the position of Sheriff in 2016.

That’s not all, though.

richard mack screengrab

According to Right Wing WatchMack and his group of “patriots” want to set up their own local government in the county. Under this government’s rule, citizens of the county will be able to ignore federal laws, especially those surrounding things like gun regulations. Mack spoke to other anti-government types at a “I Won’t Comply” rally, and urged them to move to the county with him. He said:

“I need some backup and I wouldn’t mind if you went there, too.”

The purpose of the rally in Olympia, Washington, in which Mack announced these rather grandiose plans was to rail against a new law in Washington state that requires background checks for guns. Members of the “patriot” movement believe such laws to be unconstitutional.

Now, you might ask where Mack got the wild idea that he could just pick a spot in the United States, become Sheriff of the county, and set up his own laws while ignoring federal law. Well, that’s easy. This loon runs a group called the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association. The main tenet of this group’s ideology is that Sheriffs are the highest law in America. Pretty wild, considering that nothing in our laws says anything of the sort, but that is what they believe. Mack explained to the crowd that to move to his “constitutional county” is the only way to ensure peace and freedom. He riled them up, saying:

“I want you to carefully, prayerfully consider moving there with me, and I’m serious. You want to live in a free county? You want to live by constitutional law? You want to not be worried about federal government coming in and ruining your lives and families and hauling you off at midnight? Come live with us there.

If we’re going to take back freedom, we have one opportunity to keep it peaceful, and that is the enforcement of state sovereignty by our sheriffs and by our state and county legislatures.”

Well, this guy is a real piece of work. The scary thing is, though, he’s serious, and he has supporters. He got the idea to start this “constitutional county” from an aptly named group calling itself the Constitutional County Project. They don’t want to just stop at Navajo County, either. They want this system to happen in counties throughout America. Let’s just hope that there aren’t enough nuts out there to make it happen.

Watch the video of  some of Richard Mack’s speech in Olympia below:


h/t: Right Wing Watch | Image Credit: YouTube screengrab