‘Daily Show’ Presents Tips On How Fox Should Identify Its Guests (VIDEO)

Last week Fox’s blustering talking fat head Sean Hannity treated his fans to a heaping helping of the hateful vitriol they crave, when he blasted Jay-Z for meeting with NY Governor Andrew Cuomo to discuss his views on reforming their state’s notoriously racist criminal justice system.

Forget the fact that Jay-Z’s now a successful rapper, music producer, business man, and philanthropist: The folks at Fox News will never see him as anything but the drug-dealing criminal he was in his youth:

“Let’s talk about Jay Z, who’s now an adviser for Andrew Cuomo. Why would the governor pick him? We can’t do better than a former crack dealer?”

Apparently, Jon Stewart and Jessica Williams from The Daily Show felt as angry about Hannity’s and Fox’s attitude as we did. On Wednesday, Williams talked about how Fox conservatives go on and on about how black men should make money legally, get married, and help raise their families, but Jay-Z did all those things and it’s not good enough.

“Jon, Jay-Z is the guy they keep saying they want all black guys to be. But to them, he’s still just a crack dealer.”

And since, of course Fox’s double standard couldn’t possibly be about race, Williams adds:

“The only thing I can imagine is that Fox has a new rule where people must be labeled according to the worst thing they’ve ever done. And if that’s the case, we’re going to have to fix some chyrons [identifiers at the bottom of the screen] on “

Aha! That must be it. Which means that in the future, Fox News guest Mark Furhman would no longer be identified as “Mark Furhman, former LAPD Detective.”

Mark Furhman, Former LAPD Detectiv

Mark Furhman, Former LAPD Detective (Photo: Fox).


Instead, Fox News will identify him as the man who perjured himself during the OJ Simpson trial.

Mark Furhman: Pled no contest to perjury. (Photo: Fox via Comedy Channel)

Mark Furhman: Pled no contest to perjury (Photo: Fox via Comedy Channel).

Oh, and here, Fox introduces Rush Limbaugh to viewers as a “radio talk show host.”

Rush Limbaugh, radio talk show host (Photo: Fox).

Rush Limbaugh, radio talk show host (Photo: Fox).

Under the new rule, Fox would be forced to introduce Limbaugh as a “prescription drug addict.”

Daily Show Guest Has Some Tips For Fox On Identifying Their Guests (VIDEO)

Rush Limbaugh, prescription drug addict (Photo: Fox via Comedy Central).

Wheee! This is so much fun, this writer decided to try her hand at a couple, starting with Keith Ablow, the idiot “psychiatrist” who constantly ticks off others in his field by fake-analyzing celebrities and politicians he’s never even met.

Dr. Keith Ablow.

Dr. Ablow (Photo: Fox).

Thanks to Fox’s new rule, they can introduce him truthfully from now on so viewers don’t actually think what he’s saying has any basis in reality whatsoever.

Dr. Ablow, Bogus PSYCHO-analyst (Photo: Fox).

Dr. Ablow, Bogus PSYCHO-analyst (photo: Fox).

Oh, and here’s Fox’s identifier for the former Vice President Dick Cheney.

Former VP Dick Cheney (photo: Fox).

Former VP Dick Cheney (photo: Fox).

But we prefer to refer to him as the “convicted war criminal,” because it suits him so well. Plus, we couldn’t find catch him while doing that pinky thing when he disguises himself as Dr. Evil and goes to his undisclosed location.

Convicted war criminal Dick Cheney (photo: Fox).

Convicted war criminal Dick Cheney (photo: Fox).

And, of course, we decided to give Sarah Palin the treatment, because Fox just wouldn’t be Fox without Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin, Former Alaska Governor (photo: Fox).

Sarah Palin, Former Alaska Governor (photo: Fox).

But of course those conservatives over at Fox are all about rules…

Sarah Palin, Quitter whose career is in the sh*tter (photo: Fox).

Sarah Palin, Quitter whose career is in the sh*tter (photo: Fox).

Here’s the video with William’s hilarious take on Fox’s “new rule” for identifying guests, from The Daily Show.

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