Leaked: The Fiery Death Of Kim Jong-un In ‘The Interview’ (VIDEO)

A few weeks after the Twin Towers came down, my company held its yearly manager’s conference. I think it was in Las Vegas that year but I can’t recall (too much drinking perhaps?). Some of the managers didn’t want to fly, a sentiment shared by many people in the uncertain time immediately following 9/11.

On the other hand, I and every manager in my district said the same thing:

“Fuck terrorism.”

And we all got on our planes and had a merry time drinking, eating, and laughing on the company’s dime.

In that spirit, the spirit of “I do what I want!”, here’s the *cough*”leaked”*cough death of North Korea’s creepy dictator, Kim Jong-un. I have absolutely no rights to this “leaked” clip and expect it to be pulled really REALLY soon:

The first time I started to watch it I thought it might be a fanmade clip to play on the controversy surrounding the now-cancelled film but while homemade stuff can be insanely high quality, this just a little too polished to be done on someone’s home computer.

I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that someone involved with the movie “leaked” this particular scene as a big “FUCK YOU!” to North Korea. Frankly, I’m surprised the entire movie hasn’t been “leaked” yet. If it is, I’ll happily share.