7 Major Accomplishments President Obama Has Made Since The Midterms

Republicans were ecstatic that they won back the Senate in the midterm elections. They vowed that they would use their newfound power to block everything and anything Obama related. They said that this will put an end to the President, and they will reign supreme and that would be a lame duck President with a lame duck Senate.

Well, not surprisingly, they were wrong. In fact, President Obama is on a role. And his Senate is right there with him, backing him before their session, and ultimately their majority, ends.

Let’s take a quick look at the accomplishments President Obama has made in last 44 days.

On November 10th, six days after the midterms, President Obama announced his support for net neutrality, calling on federal regulators to toughen their proposed net-neutrality laws for the Internet which includes the very controversial step of subjecting broadband providers to stricter utility-like regulation. It was such a surprise, that Ted Cruz made a bigger jerk of himself by calling it “Obamacare for the internet.”

On November 11th, he reached a monumental, historical  climate deal with China aimed at the reduction of greenhouse gases. The Republicans threw a hissy fit, claiming it’s an imposition on our sovereignty.

On November 20th, he issued a historical executive order which protected millions of undocumented workers from the threat of deportation, and protected families from being torn apart. Once again, it was met with hostility from the right.

On November 26th, he reached a deal with and signed off on to regulations with the EPA on limiting ozone emissions. This is Obama’s big environmental move.

On December 15th, he oversaw Western sanctions imposed on the regime of Vladimir Putin, bringing the Russian economy to its knees.

On December 16th, the Democrats of the lame-duck Senate confirmed almost all of his pending nominees, including Surgeon General nominee Vivek Murthy. You can actually thank Senator Ted Cruz for that! In total, over 90 Obama nominees were confirmed in the Senate over the last 3 days.

And finally, on December 17th, with the help of Canada and Pope Francis, President Obama renormalized relations with Cuba, effectively bringing a Marxist-Authoritarian government into the capitalist light. Once again, Republicans were outraged. An embargo that has lasted for 50 years will soon be coming to an end.

Not to mention gas is becoming $2 a gallon, unemployment is falling, and the stock market is steady. President Obama has done a miraculous job of holding the country together, even when he faces a Republican Congress in less than a month.

These accomplishments have paid off handsomely for the President, whose approval rating has reached 45%, the highest it’s been since June 2013. Good news for Congress, too. Their approval rating has risen to sixteen percent. The number of people predicting the economy will improve in the next year has jumped to 31 percent. These are all stats courtesy of a CNBC poll.