NYPD Officer Repeatedly Punches 12-Year-Old Black Boy As Colleagues Subdue Him, And A Lawyer Sees The Whole Thing (VIDEO)

How will the NYPD slither out of this latest episode of brutality caught on camera? It won’t be easy, considering an attorney witnessed the incident.

New York police officers are once again under fire for how they treat people of color after video footage surfaced of a plainclothes officer repeatedly punching a 12-year-old black kid as his fellow officers in uniform held him down against a car.

Officers say the African-American boy is suspected of assaulting a man with a cane, but that doesn’t excuse the way they treated him upon confronting him.

As the video begins, officers are in the middle of subduing the boy. He is leaned over the hood of a car. Suddenly, an officer in plainclothes runs up and begins punching the kid hard from behind as if he feels left out because he hasn’t been able to brutalize a black person on the job yet.

The woman filming the assault, Sarah Doneghy, yells at the officers to “Stop it!” but to no avail. They probably should have listened, because another bystander identifies themselves as an attorney who proceeds to write down an account of the incident. She also berates the officers for treating the boy like an animal much in the same way the NYPD treated Eric Garner. She even remarked that if the boy had been white with blonde hair and blue eyes, the officers would would have acted completely different.

“He’s 12! Why would you just do that? After everything that’s happened! I’m a lawyer — I’m writing all this down. Like he would come up from behind like it on a blonde-haired, blue-eyed kid. That’s acceptable to you, because he’s an animal? That’s acceptable to you? There’s no way you’d treat a white kid like that.”

As the boy is placed in a police car, he asks officers to tell him what he did and gets no response. So, it sounds like police refused to even tell him what he was being arrested for.

Here’s the video via YouTube:

This incident should be considered child abuse. Officers literally ganged up on a kid, beat him up, and took him away without a second thought, all because they think he might be the suspect they are looking for.

This is yet another outrageous example of police brutality perpetrated against an African-American. Internal Affairs is currently investigating the incident, but we all know what they are going to say when they finish. They’ll say use of force was justified and move along like it never happened at all. Because that’s what happens virtually every time white police officers act like KKK members on the job.

The only bright spot, perhaps, is the fact that the incident was captured on film and a lawyer witnessed it and took the time to write everything down. If the officer who beat this poor kid isn’t punished for what he did, at the very least there should be a very expensive lawsuit slapped against him and the NYPD.