Anonymous Vows To Release ‘The Interview’ On Christmas Day, ‘Operation RIP North Korea’ Is On

On the heels of President Obama chastising Sony for their “mistake” in capitulating to North Korea’s threats and vowing to retaliate for the attack, Anonymous has now made its own promise of revenge.

In the not so distance past, the well-known group, Anonymous, let the world know, through Twitter, that they had decided to take on the hackers some believe to be a North Korean group, #GOP, otherwise known as the Guardians of Peace. While at one time Anonymous made noise that they were sympathetic to some of the issues being put forth by #GOP, Anonymous has stopped playing nice and is now set upon a Christmas day response¬†to the Guardians of Peace and they are calling it “#OpRIPNK.”

It seems that Anonymous is no more happy with Sony and their response of pulling the movie, The Interview, from theaters than our President. And like our President, they frown on the free speech violations by the North Korean hackers and are questioning what #GOP will demand next if not stopped.

During this past week, Anonymous turned to Twitter and teased their followers by suggesting that they would be having their own Christmas release of the movie. As Sony pulled The Interview from the theaters, Anonymous responded with their own concerns of North Korea’s demands encroaching on free speech.

Then Anonymous questioned what movie would be next.

Anonymous wasn’t too happy with Sony for caving but it would appear that they’ve turned their attention from the weak-minded and frightened corporation to¬† #GOP. We’ve all witnessed their ire and the subsequent results with the Oakland PD, the Westboro Church and most recently the KKK.

I, for one, may just have a bowl of popcorn ready to watch “The Interview” on Christmas, even if it’s a not-so-great movie, because it’s my right. It will be interesting to see who gets to #GOP first, Anonymous or the President.

Now that would make a great movie.


UPDATE: The account known as @TheAnonMessage has been suspended. Anonymous reached out to other sites and have indicated they have no connection with the person behind the messages above.