Dallas Officer Threatens Woman With Fake Warrants, Then Rapes Her With His Hand On His Gun

Dallas police have arrested one of their own–a veteran officer who preyed on female victims and forced them to perform sex acts.

According to the affidavit, the officer, while in uniform and in his official vehicle, apparently forced his unnamed victim to perform sex acts while his hand remained resting on his gun. Whether a show of force or a sexual issue with this alleged rapist, it was non-consensual and the woman felt threatened.

photo courtesy of nbcdfw.com

photo courtesy of nbcdfw.com

Immediately following the rape, Officer David Kattner, a 26 year veteran of the Dallas Police Department, was arrested for sexually assaulting the victim 3 separate times in the officer’s marked police cruiser. Kattner allegedly told her that he had outstanding warrants and that he knew where the victim’s daughter lived.

Incredibly, Kattner was arrested after Dallas detectives in the same area saw the victim being questioned by the officer. Thereafter, she purportedly was raped. As she was leaving the scene of the crime, the detectives stopped and interviewed her. She then related the threats to her and her daughter’s safety and told the detectives she felt she had to comply with Kattner’s sexual demands or she would be risking her daughter’s life.

Following the arrest, the Dallas Police Department stated:

“It has been alleged that Officer Kattner has used his position as a peace officer to contact known female prostitutes and compel them to perform sexual acts while working an extra job.”

The Dallas Police Department is now looking for additional victims. The officer is on administrative leave (surprise!) and out on bond.

One must ask: Did the Dallas Police Department have prior knowledge (“to contact known female prostitutes”) and if so, why in the world was this officer still in possession of his badge and gun? Furthermore, how was it that these detectives just happened to be in the same area where Kattner was forcing his victim to perform sex acts? And finally, and certainly most importantly, if the arresting detectives observed Kattner’s abuse as indicated in the police report, why did they wait until his assault was completed to make an arrest? Their asses should be brought up on criminal charges as well.

Please tell me this did not go down that way! No pun intended.