Santa, Mrs. Claus, And 7 Elves Arrested Protesting Dangerous Methane Fracking Project (VIDEO)

Crestwood Mainstream, a Texas fracking company, who has been caught dumping methane gas in salt mines in upstate New York, finally popped up on Santa’s naughty list.

Doing something that the federal regulatory commission apparently failed to do, Santa checked his list not once but twice. Much to his chagrin, Santa found that the storing of some two billion cubic feet of explosive methane gas near the shores of Seneca Lake poised numerous public dangers that simply could not be overlooked.

Photo courtesy of WeAreSenacaLake

Photo courtesy of WeAreSenacaLake

When nine weeks of peaceful protest failed to halt the underground storage of this environmental threat, Santa entered the fray with Mrs. Claus and seven of his trusty elves.

However, as he tried to block the gates of the facility, Santa and his party were arrested and charged with trespassing and disorderly conduct.

As he was being cuffed and taken away to jail in full view of children, Santa promised:

“Don’t worry, boys and girls, I’ll be out of jail in time to deliver your presents.”

Here’s the Video: