Sean Hannity Overwhelmingly Voted ‘Worst News Host’ By Colleagues, Has Epic Meltdown

In an illuminating poll conducted by Mediaite, reporters from Fox News, MSNBC, and CNN were asked to secretly vote on who they felt were the best and worst of the networks. While choosing the worst of their colleagues at CNN and MSNBC proved to be tough (or at least controversial), one thing everyone was clear on was that Sean Hannity was definitely Fox’s most awful employee. It wasn’t even close.

From Mediaite:

Last week, we sent a survey to several dozen cable news hosts from Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC, hoping to gain insight into how insiders view their own colleagues and competitors.

While guaranteeing complete anonymity, we asked them to name one colleague for each of the following 10 categories: Best and Worst Hosts, Fox; Best and Worst Hosts, CNN; Best and Worst Hosts, MSNBC; Best and Worst Guests, Overall; and Best and Worst TV Reporters, Overall.

Almost all of the contests ended in a tie. For example, Megyn Kelly and Bret Baier got equal votes for “Best Host” on Fox and Ronan Farrow and Al Sharpton tied for “Worst Host” on MSNBC. When it came to Fox News’ worst host, people seemed less unsure. Hannity blew everyone out of the water. An argument could be made for many of Fox’s hosts, but Hannity trumped them all. Badly.

Apparently we’re not the only ones annoyed by his eponymous show’s special blend of vein-popping shoutfests, mega-panel clown shows, and partisan grudge matches.

Falling way behind Hannity was Bolling — who received two votes here — and a bunch of hosts with single votes to their name, bizarrely including Neil Cavuto and Bill O’Reilly.

So why Hannity? Let us count the ways. Hannity, who has long sacrificed things like integrity or substance for hollow conservative talking points so nonsensical that he makes the rest of Fox News look downright sincere in comparison.

To make it a fair fight, let’s limit our review to just Hannity’s exploits in 2014 – but please keep in mind the sheer productivity of his idiotic vitriol extends much further than that.

  • He decided to introduce Jay-Z as a “former crack dealer” in an attempt to bash New York Governor Cuomo.
  • He went on an epic, night long twitter rant where he attempted to justify American torture of suspected terrorists by posting the mutilated bodies of children killed in terrorist attacks and another picture of the burning Twin Towers.
  • He became best friends with Cliven Bundy, a rancher who wanted to illegally graze his cattle for free on public land and almost started a right-wing secessionist movement to avoid paying for it.
  • He linked Eric Garner to Benghazi, decrying the idea that Eric Garner’s death was being investigated a second time when Benghazi wasn’t. (He’s right, Benghazi wasn’t  investigated twice but actually eight times.)
  • This happened:
  • 6254325321
    Hannity demonstrates how his father beat him as a child. (via Fox News)
  • He “patrolled” the US-Mexico border with Texas Governor Rick Perry with a mounted machine gun to intimidate child immigrants from crossing.
  • And many, many more…

Luckily, Hannity is extremely thick-skinned and easy going so he handled the news that he is universally laughed at with good-humor. Nope, nevermind. He had a hilarious meltdown on Twitter and accused everyone of being “Wannabees.” (Note: Sean Hannity hates the right-wing watchdog site Media Matters so when he keeps comparing Mediaite to Media Matters just assume he is trying to insult them.)

As Mediaite writer Andrew Kirell points out, Hannity seems to initially excuse the ranking as just more liberal bias, but that’s the thing… his own colleagues voted him worst. It’s not so much a liberal conspiracy as a professional middle finger to a man who does a disservice to the very idea of “news.”

Congrats on the “win,” Hannity. You’ve certainly earned the honor.


Feature image via Fox News screengrab