Neil deGrasse Tyson Annoys Conservative ‘Christians’ On Christmas Day With Facts Via Twitter (IMAGES)

Conservative “Christians” awoke on Christmas morning to find presents under their trees and factual tweets posted by astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson.

It must have been a fun morning at the Tyson household on December 25th, as the celebrated scientist used the occasion to annoy conservative “Christians” on Twitter by posting facts. Of course, conservatives weren’t amused and many decided to waste their time on the Internet bashing Tyson instead of spending the holiday with their families.

Tyson began by pointing out that Jews and Muslims refer to this year’s December 25th as just another Thursday. Then Tyson really tried to annoy conservatives by invoking the name of a scientist who, unlike Jesus, was really born on December 25th. With his next tweets, Tyson gave a really brief history of Christmas and explained why Santa chose Rudolph to guide his sleigh. It was all very clever.

Here are the tweets via Twitter. Enjoy!

These tweets are more amusing than anything else, but some conservatives took offense anyway, with some calling Tyson a “jackass” and others claiming that Jesus created science, or whining that Tyson was persecuting Christians because they are an “easy target.” Here are a few of those tweets as rounded up by Raw Story.

Tyson’s tweets weren’t offensive, he was simply stating facts. But as we all know, the easiest way to “offend” a conservative “Christian” is to state a fact. If Tyson’s goal was to prove that, he accomplished his mission flawlessly.

Featured Image courtesy of gopixpic.