‘Not-Racist’ Hopes Liberals ‘Get Sh*t Stains’ From Kissing ‘Porch Monkey’ Obama’s Ass (VIDEO)

Drew Walker loves America — the white, Christian parts, anyway. Walker has, in the manner of a car accident featuring a decapitation, been drawing the attention of unfortunate and often unwilling individuals who find themselves unable to look away from the massive mound of dumbf*ckery that is the meth-mouthed, seditionist whose greatest accomplishment involves using his granddaughter in a meme that threatens the President.

Walker received his first visit from the Secret Service after challenging the President to meet him face-to-face to settle the issues Walker imagines they have “like men,” and posted two memes that directly threatened the President — one of which featured his very young granddaughter.

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After his stepdaughter reported that Walker requested a uniform, ammunition, and an explosive device, the Secret Service again visited the “patriot,” shortly before he visited Washington D.C. to attend a rally intended to remove President Obama from office.

While at the rally, which featured emphatic cries for the lynching of the ‘Kenyan’ occupying the White House, Walker led a rabid crowd of ‘Real ‘Murikans’ in singling out and mobbing a Muslim man for absolutely no reason. Walker’s antics were so horrible that a fellow “patriot” called him out for tormenting his victim.

In his latest video, Walker makes it clear that he has the sads because liberals are being mean to him. Walker accuses those who accurately recount the content of his videos, and accurately portray him as a seditionist, racist madman, of “defaming” him, claiming that anyone who uses his publicly-posted videos is “breaking the law.” Of course, as with most of his beliefs, Walker is wrong.

Walker has claimed many times that he is not a racist, but he has no issues calling the President a “porch monkey” in his latest unhinged rant. Walker claims that liberals, who spend too much time attempting to “defame” him, only care about:

your freebies, your free phone, your free insurance, your free this and that that that f*cking piece of shit Obama’s giving you.

No matter what anyone says, Walker informs us in his ever-so-elegant manner, he will continue to be the same hateful and horrible person we have come to pity and mock. With a distant, glazed and confused, yet determined, stare, Walker said that liberals receive sexual gratification from pointing out his many, many faults:

“Sit in the corner and play with yourself like you always do,” he told liberals. “Guarantee every one of you liberal pieces of sh*t are out there whacking your f*cking pecker while you’re sitting there trying to defame me.”

Walker explained that liberals are “nothing more than a waste of human flesh,” adding that “patriots” like him get a “big giggle” over liberals’ more educated nature, and that “patriots” have “facts.”

Walker’s “facts” include a belief that Barack Obama was born in Kenya and is not eligible to be President, that POTUS is a Muslim, and that Sharia Law is creeping into America — a nation that is simultaneously becoming Communist and socialist as liberals subvert the Constitution because Benghazi.

“I will never change, I will never stop, and there’s nothing any of you libtrolls can do to stop me,” the man whose threats toward the President attracted Secret Service attention “a few times,” said.

Walker left us with a parting message:

All you libtrolls, eat sh*t and die. I hope you f*cking choke on the bone in your f*cking soup, and I hope the f*ck you get sh*t stains on your face from kissing that porch monkey’s ass named Barack Obama. F*ck that Muslim piece of goat raping sh*t.

“Got it?” Walker says at the end. “F*ck you, too.”

Watch Walker’s latest rant, below, carefully lifted from his Facebook timeline…with love:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7rMMd6OfQs4?rel=0&showinfo=0&w=600&h=400]