Notorious KKK Leader Describes Steve Scalise As “A Fine Family Man” Whom He Often Agrees With

For someone who claims not to be racist, and who claims not to knowingly associate with racists, racists certainly seem to like Majority Whip Steve Scalise. Now that Scalise is facing a firestorm for speaking twelve years ago at a two-day conference, which was organized and sponsored by the Duke-founded European-American Unity and Rights Organization, recognized as a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, the number three Republican on Capitol Hill is now receiving nothing but praise from the notorious racist and hate-monger David Duke.

In an ill-tempered time to do so, Duke came out and described Scalise as “a fine family man” with whom he often agrees — not something you want a KKK leader to tell the world when you’re trying to distance yourself from him.

There you have it, America. These are the “family values” the Republicans have been telling us about for such a long time! I’m so glad they decided to make this “fine family man” one of the House’s head honchos.

Duke claimed that he gave his speech at the convention via a teleconference in Russia, in which he discussed his conspiracy theory about how “Israeli treachery” was involved in the 9/11 attacks. I find it very hard to believe that any grown man in the political arena who harbors any intelligence would not know what type of environment and group of people they were dealing with. It makes no sense, especially when it was with a group affiliated with David Duke during a time period in which Duke’s racist character was well known.

But the buck doesn’t stop with Duke’s praise. Steve Scalise also touts Duke as a man he agrees with, saying in 1999 as a then-state Representative to a Washington newspaper that he “embraces many” of Duke’s “conservative” views. Do those conservative views also include Duke’s tax evasion?

According to records obtained from a Role Call article, which was discovered by the blog “Little Green Footballs” from a listserv archive, Scalise spoke of Duke regarding his potential run in a special election for the 1st Congressional District of Louisiana:

Another potential candidate, state Rep. Steve Scalise (R), said he embraces many of the same ‘conservative’ views as Duke, but is far more viable.

‘The novelty of David Duke has worn off,’ said Scalise. ‘The voters in this district are smart enough to realize that they need to get behind someone who not only believes in the issues they care about, but also can get elected. Duke has proven that he can’t get elected, and that’s the first and most important thing.’

Does it really surprise anyone that a rabid conservative like Steve Scalise would support and agree with a notorious racist like David Duke? This is a constant theme within the Republican Party.

Bill Ayers likes Barack Obama, the right freaks out. Hillary Clinton liked Saul Alinsky, the right freaks out. Steve Scalise likes David Duke, the right says eh, everyone makes a mistake. The hypocrisy is staggering. With Jeremiah White, President Obama was completely guilty by even associating with the reverend, but a Republican attending and speaking at a conference of racist bigots doesn’t necessarily mean he agrees with their views. Indeed, he was actually just trying to be inclusive, and trying to be nice to his constituents. Don’t you love right-wing “logic.”