Fox News Tries To Start Twitter Trend, And It Pretty Much Goes As Expected (SCREENSHOTS)

The Internet was treated to a bit of hilarity when Fox News threw caution to the wind and attempted to utilize the Pandora’s Box known as Twitter to push deluded protestations about Christian persecution in America — and other faux problems.

“Fox and Friends” kicked things off by tweeting, “2014 has been a year full of things we don’t want to see in the New Year. What are YOU over? Comment with #OverIt2014,” along with a photo indicating they are “over” perceived “attacks on Christianity”:

12-31-2014 12-55-02 AM

The tweet train didn’t even manage to leave the station before things got downright hilarious. Soon, #OverIt2014 was populated with exactly the opposite of what Rupert Murdoch’s propaganda machine had hoped it would be:

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While Fox may be “over” what it calls “attacks” on Christianity, the network went out of its way to celebrate the State of Arizona’s failed attempt to implement what amounted to LGBT Jim Crow legislation — and to lament the loss when it did not pass.

Fox has been pushing the “War on Christianity” narrative almost since it was birthed from Rupert Murdoch’s unholy bowels. According to Fox, even NBC is directly waging war on members of the most dominant religion in the United States.

What began as yet another attempt to jam the idea that a war is being waged on Christians became one of the best things on the Internet in the past week.

Bravo, Internet. Bravo.