Viral Video Shows Two #BlackLivesMatter Get Brutally Tazed And Arrested By Police (VIDEO)

A video that shows two Black Lives Matter protesters being arrested is going viral. The two men were part of a peaceful protest at a Walmart in Homewood, Alabama. Police repeatedly used a taser on one man for resisting arrest. The video has been viewed over 2 million times since it was uploaded.

One of the men asks the cop detaining the two men for his name and to see his I.D. The cop refuses. The man then asks why he needs to provide the police officer with his name if he is not doing anything that justifies probable cause. The cop tells him that they are going to be arrested for criminal trespass. Cops then swarm the man and throw him to the ground. He screams out in pain as he is repeatedly tazed by police officers.

The cop giving orders then turns on the cameraman asking, “Are you part of this protest? You need to leave right now or go with him.”

Seconds later, the cameraman is slammed onto the hood of his own car that he was moving towards. He tells the cops that this was his car. A cop tells him:

“You ran out of time man.”

The video was uploaded by Randall Anderson, who wrote:

“Just got out of JAIL!

So me and the gentleman Mercutio Terrell Southall Sr. was just released from Homewood, Alabama Jail…. Let me know what we did wrong… We were literally 5 feet from MY car trying to leave. He was headed to his motorcycle to leave and was stopped by the officer. Why they beat this man like that?!?!


This is a disturbing video that shows exactly why people are out protesting in the streets against police brutality.

You can watch the video in full below.

Featured Image Credit: Video Screenshot via Facebook