Fox Host ReTweets Unbelievably Racist Lie About Black Protesters

There’s a question I like to ask right wingers that never fails to get their outrage motor running: If conservatives are so convinced that they’re right about everything, why do they feel the need to lie about everything all the time? They always respond that liberals lie “just as much” blablabla but you’d be hard pressed to find a liberal pushing the kind of rank dishonesty found in a retweet from Fox Business News host Charles V. Payne:

Goodness this isn’t what Montgomery Bus Boycott or Woolworth sit-ins were about -this is ignorance #blackbrunchnyc

— Charles V Payne (@cvpayne) January 4, 2015

Accompanied by the following picture:

KFC riot

Let me explain what the lie is and why it’s such a brazenly racist one.

#blackbrunchnyc is an interesting idea that some people had to show up at upscale restaurants and burst the comfortable little bubble white people with money live in. The protesters marched in and gave a four and a half minute speech (for the four and a half hours Michael Brown’s corpse was unnecessarily left in the streets) about how black lives matter and read off the names of black people killed by the police. The concept behind #blackbrunchnyc is to raise awareness of police brutality among those least interested in hearing about it.

This, needless to say, infuriated conservatives who are deathly afraid of changing the status quo in which the black community is terrorized and oppressed by the police. One of them even threatened to shoot protesters. So, instead of a legitimate battle of ideas, we get shills like Payne willing to blatantly lie about #blackbrunchnyc because he knows that his followers will swallow whatever racist bullshit he dishes out.

If you haven’t figured out what the problem is yet, take another look at the picture. Notice that KFC sign? And that the whole scene looks like a mini-riot? Doesn’t seem to much resemble a peaceful protest taking place in upscale bistros in New York City, does it?

That’s because that picture is from 2009 and it was taken in Detroit.

I know, I know, it’s just inconceivable that a conservative would deliberately lie to his overwhelmingly white followers so they would think black protesters were rioting. Simply inconceivable!


I knew there was something wrong the second I saw the KFC logo and the pushing and shoving. It took me all of 30 seconds to find the origin of that picture and I’m just a lowly blogger. Payne is a contributor on Fox Business, a member of the media elite. So either he’s so intensely stupid that he mistook a 6 year old picture for something that happened yesterday or he was blatantly misleading his readers. Both options tell you everything you need to know about Fox. And he just happened to retweet a picture of black people storming a KFC? No, no barely concealed racism there for his not-at-all-racist followers to lap up. None at all.


A few hours later, after more than a few people called Payne out on his lie, he posted this picture instead:

Funny, that looks like a peaceful protest exactly in line with the Montgomery Bus Boycott and Woolworth sit-ins. The original tweet, of course, stayed up for almost 24 hours before being deleted because why let a good lie go to waste?

What makes Payne’s racist lie even more galling is that he’s literally championing the people who would happily banish him to the back of the bus he just threw the black community under. And he compounds his lies by later pretending that the #blackbrunchnyc movement is somehow being directed by, I kid you not, “rich anarchists.”

At least he was big enough to admit he had the wrong photo but notice how he shifts away from Civil Rights Era protests? Now, instead of complaining about the protest not being peaceful, he’s concerned that the protesters are “being played.” It’s crystal clear that his actual problem is with a protest challenging the status quo and nothing else.

This brings us back to our original question: If conservatives like Payne are so convinced that they’re in the right, why bother with such obvious lies? Someone made up the original bogus tweet and conservatives leapt on it like a starving dog on a pork chop. Are they all so stupid that not one of them realized how fake it was? Of course not. The answer is that they don’t care. Conservatives know they’re on the wrong side of history and morality. They know it as surely as they know the sun will rise but they don’t care. Conservatives want what’s best for them and that’s that. “I got mine, screw you!” is their mantra. Racism and dishonesty are just tools in their arsenal to get what they want and if people suffer and die in the process? Tough noogies, pal.

Lying through their teeth to deprive others of life, liberty, and the pursuit of a level playing field isn’t a bug in conservative ideology, it’s the core feature.