A 2-Year-Old Has A Conversation With Her Dad About Her Value And Her Worth (VIDEO)

The earlier we can teach our kids about respectful relationships and how they deserve to be treated by others, the better off they will be when they get older. Los Angeles dad Demetrius Brown is conscious of his parental duty to help his daughters learn their self-worth and value, and has been trying to educate them from the day they were born. In this adorable video, Brown is seen having a conversation with his sweet 2-year-old daughter Nola, who shows that dad’s lessons are definitely paying off. Watch below!

In the clip, Brown reviews his words of wisdom with Nola as she pauses from a meal. Though she might have been a little distracted, she gets dad’s messages loud and clear: she deserves to be treated with respect, and no man should ever put his hands on her unless he is “giving you love.”

This video was uploaded just last week, and has already received over 320,000 views! In the video’s description, Brown wrote:

“Here is a video that all princesses, young ladies, women, fathers and sons need to watch. A 2 year old having a conversation with her father about her value and her worth!!”

Brown explains that he and Nola have been having these self-worth dialogues since she was born – and even a little before that!

“I’ve been doing this since my wife was pregnant. Even when she carried Nola I would speak to her stomach to tell Nola that she could do anything and be anything she wanted to be.”

“I give her bits and pieces — just enough so that she can handle and absorb it. It’s important to me that she knows her value and her worth and that she knows how she deserves to be treated. I want her to have a clear understanding of what love is and what respect is.”

This is a great example of parenting, and a lesson that all little girls should be empowered with.

Feature image courtesy of YouTube Screenshots (compilation).