The Whole World Is Laughing At The Religious Right’s ‘Sounds Of Sodomy’ Anti-Gay Campaign (IMAGES)

“Should children be exposed to sounds of sodomy?”

“Should children be exposed to this beastly obsession with unholy acts?”

“Should the sounds of sodomy echo in the halls of a Christian home?”

This is not a parody, these are the actual questions posed by the latest anti-gay campaign by Ireland’s religious right, in opposition to marriage equality. But instead of getting angry, the whole twittersphere is poking fun at the ‘Sounds of Sodomy’ campaign. It accuses:

“At this very moment the liberal agenda conspires to undermine God’s Word and is drafting law to allow homosexuals to adopt children,” the leaflet warns, urging voters to contact their representatives.

It’s currently unknown which Christian group produced the anti-gay propaganda, and it’s unlikely anyone is going to want to claim ownership for the ludicrous campaign against hearing gay things now.

Twitter users were signposted to the absurdity by this tweet, then all holy hell broke loose.

003 Scott Brown

Twitter users across Ireland and the world chimed in with their own versions of the ‘Sounds of Sodomy’ leaflet, and before long, the hashtag #SoundsOfSodomy was trending.

Here are some of the best offerings:

Anyone for a little ABBA?

1413484953340_Image_galleryImage_PARIS_FRANCE_OCTOBER_16_TNo? Perhaps some Simon and Garfunkel then…

004 rushA little play on the Now That’s What I Call Music franchise…

005 gretchenThe bells! The bells! (that’s my annual Quasimodo gag out of the way)


Bit of Julie Andrews…


But of course, there was the odd…genuine (cough) supportive suggestion.

1413485220507_wps_15_Paul_McCarthyThe leaflet may even end up a collector’s item, it being so emblematic of the religious right’s anti-gay hysteria.


The hashtag is still going strong with people declaring their support for equal marriage, their ire at the religious right’s ham-fisted scare tactics, and general great humor.  A reminder that however much we might condemn the darker corners of the internet, there are moments where twitter and its many users come into their own.  This is most definitely one of those moments.