Cop Killed ‘Point Blank’ In Charlie Hebdo Massacre Was A Muslim (VIDEO)

42-year-old police officer Ahmed Merabet was executed by a Muslim terrorist during Wednesday’s assault on satirical French magazine Charlie Hebdo’s headquarters. He was patrolling the 11th arrondissement, the Paris neighborhood where Charlie Hebdo’s office is located when he met the masked gunmen.

Merabet was shot from a distance and wounded, then while pleading for his life a terrorist ran past Merabet and callously, without hesitation, shot him in the head at point-blank range. The terrorist calmly continued on his way.

As reported by Le Figaro, Rocco Contento, departmental secretary of union SGP Police Unit says Merabet was a member of the ATV police brigade of the eleventh arrondissement,

“He leaves behind a wife,” Contento said. “We are all extremely shocked.”

What the murderous terrorist may not have known when he pulled the trigger is that he had something in common with Merabet. According to a report by The Daily Caller, the slain officer was also a Muslim.

The terrorist acted against Islam as the religion condemns killing other Muslims. The Quran states:

“He who kills a believing soul intentionally, Allah makes the Fire of Hell his abode, He will become angry with him, and curse him, and has prepared a tremendous punishment for him, equal to if he had killed all people, his punishment will still be the same.”

However, the barbarous masked gunman may not have cared. Many Islamist terrorist groups rationalize killing fellow believers they feel are not true followers of Islam. The terrorists claim those living in the West, or those who are not otherwise advancing an extremist view of Islam have betrayed the religion and are therefore apostates.

The following video captures Officer Marabet’s final living moments. Please be warned, this footage is extremely disturbing,

I am saddened by this tragedy and my thoughts, as well as the thoughts of our entire staff, go out to those directly affected by this horrendous terrorist attack.

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Image of Ahmed Merabet via The Anon Message,